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The Relationship Between Scars and Interference Fields

One of the most perplexing physiological and neurological challenges is treating interference fields (IF) caused by scars. An IF is caused by local irritation of tissue that causes the normal electrical charge of cells to become destabilized. The size of the scar may be irrelevant. A person can have a severe interference field that is generated by a scar hardly noticeable, or an IF that is barely detectable. There are many factors that uniquely contribute to the presence and intensity of IF.

Traumatized cells usually develop issues that impair cellular metabolism and create a destabilization of all cells involved that leads to chronic instability. Imagine a piece of fine cloth that is torn. Using this analogy, think of a surgical scar, piercing or tattoo as a purposeful tear, and any torn or broken tissue resulting from a trauma as accidental. A piece of cloth can be mended by stitching it back together, but the cloth will never be the same again.

Likewise, with any type of scar there is a certain amount of healing that occurs to that affected area, but the scar remains. At the site of the mended tear, the cloth will be weak. If you dye the cloth, the mended area will not take the dye as evenly as the non-damaged area and it will forever remain compromised.

Imagine that the torn or pierced piece of cloth is a nylon stocking. The tear may “run,” and the fabric will be compromised not only at the initial location of the tear, but will exhibit a definite pattern, originating at the tear. Interference fields that run congruently with the meridian lines of the body caused by a scar along the kidney, gallbladder, heart or any other meridian line are likely to cause dysfunction in a particular organ.

The electrical signals or messages produced by scar interference fields may vary greatly in intensity, causing symptoms, such as a person developing heart arrhythmia after getting a shoulder or chest tattoo, or none at all.

If symptoms are making no sense, an IF may be lurking beneath the surface. Always make sure any cut or traumatized part of the body is well tended to. Never create an IF by scarring or traumatizing the body through tattooing, piercing or branding. These processes are some of the easiest ways to create long-term health problems that result in diminished capacity. Also think twice before agreeing to any procedure that may cause unnecessary suffering or harm.

Nelson D. Bulmash, CTN-DC, CCN, DACBN, is the owner of Health Matters, in Alpharetta. Contact him at 770-740-8228, 866-440-2225, [email protected] or

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