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Workshop Empowers Women with Focus on Sexual Energy

Balance expert Michal Spiegelman and sexual empowerment coach Amy Jo Goddard, from Napa, California will co-host a three-hour workshop, Empowered Being, Empowered Sexuality, on August 11, in Atlanta, for women that are ready to connect to their true selves and sexual power.
Spiegelman and Goddard take the participants through a journey of learning a new way to live authentically, understanding the full value of one’s sexual power and learning tools to express sexuality with integrity and joy. Women of all sexual orientations are welcome.
The event aims to provide participants with confidence, tools for success and getting rid of negative thoughts. It will focus on the importance and value of sexuality and using sexual energy to nourish their lives.
Location: BLAST900 Fitness Club, 56 E. Andrews Dr. NW, Ste. 11, Atlanta. To sign up or find more information, email [email protected] or visit
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