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Prajna Yoga Infusion in Atlanta

Vista Yoga will host a three-day Prajna Yoga Infusion from October 18 to 20, with Tias Little, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Little’s specialty is combining yoga and anatomy with the best of Western and Eastern perspectives.

On Friday night, the event kicks off with Healing the Subtle Body: Chakra Polarity. This class includes the practice and study of the correlations between the lower and upper centers of the spine. The Art of Savasana follows, with a focus on letting go of the body and mind.

Saturday morning, Little will present Establishing the Central AXIS: The Core, building core stability by strengthening the musculature and ligaments along the spine. Emphasis is placed on bringing lightness and lift to the core body without tightening or causing constriction, enabling a firm and fluid center and more graceful easy movement.

The Sacrum, Hip Joints and Sciatic Region class will be held Saturday afternoon to review the strong musculature and ligaments holding the hip in place, sciatic pain and sacroiliac dysfunction. The class will focus on external hip rotation, internal rotation, flexion and extension.

Sunday’s workshops begins with Opening the Side Body, a class that aims to release the sides of the body to allow the interior to open. The final class, The Rotator Cuff Blues: Healing the Shoulder, addresses the strain and compression most people have in the shoulder due to trauma or repetitive strain. Little will demonstrate how to release the upper arm and shoulder while freeing up the connective tissues in and around the neck. Techniques will include how to stabilize the bicep/tricep balance, unglue the rotator cuff muscles and free the shoulder joint.

Location: Northlake Doubletree Hotel, 4156 Lavista Rd., Atlanta. For more information, visit

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