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Modern-Day Shaman to Visit Atlanta

Sweden’s Bart Smyth, a world-renowned master shamanic healer and teacher of the wisdom arts, has blended an array of highly energetic modalities in helping more than 30,000 people since 1995 heal chronic and life-threatening conditions, and trained more than 400 therapists. He will be in Atlanta from February 18 to 28 to hold workshops, healing circles and private healing appointments.

Smyth works remotely and in person. In Sweden, he helps children with drug and addiction problems and has an academy, Jarbo Akademi, where he teaches tai chi, qigong, nutrition, yuen method, life coaching and energetics.

Workshops include Health and Healing on February 21 and Energetic Mastery on February 22. Healing Circles will be conducted on February 21 and 25. Each event includes group healings.

For more information to register, call 310-466-7600 or visit

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