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MODA Celebrates Design that Solves Problems

A Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) original exhibition, Design for Social Impact, offers a look at how design is used to solve problems in the 21st century from May 25 until August 3. The exhibition features projects that address a variety of challenges in community, education, healthcare, shelter, energy, food and water. Each category highlights solutions taking place locally and around the world, using photo, video, prototypes, objects and more.

Visitors can view structures created by Mad Housers, Inc., that offer security, privacy and dignity to homeless people. Plywood People’s Billboard Bags, made by local refugees, provide job and language training, as well as income.

MODA will welcome guest speakers and offer lectures and classes from organizations featured in the exhibition, as well as summer camp for teens exploring strategies used in Design for Social Impact, and teach campers how to solve problems through the design process.

Location: 1315 Peachtree St., Atlanta. For more information, call 404-979-6455 or visit

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