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Heal Center Atlanta Provides Myriad Treatment Modalities

Practitioners at Heal Center Atlanta, a wellness center that opened in a new location at 270 Carpenter Drive, Suite 500, in June, strive to provide a holistic environment for the whole client.

Co-owner Michael Zollinger says that the center’s 12 healthcare workers are independent practitioners, but often work as team, referring clients to other professionals in the collective to maximize all treatment talents on-site.

Professional camaraderie and integration is what drew Licensed Message Therapist and CranioSacral Therapist (CST) Sharon Price to move her practice from Smyrna to the Heal Center. “We have such a variety here,” says Price. “They have created a safe, nurturing, healing space.”

Practicing massage therapy since 1995, Price uses a wide variety of massage techniques, including CranioSacral therapy, which she has been practicing for 11 years. CST, as described by Price’s alma mater, The Upledger Institute, is the releasing of restrictions in the central nervous system through gentle touch of the tissues surrounding the brain and spine, allowing the body to alleviate symptoms. “CST is extremely, extremely gentle,” Price says. “I’m removing restrictions in the body, but after that, the body’s wisdom knows how to make that correction. I’ve seen it time and time again, and I’m in awe of it.”

Clients, who range from newborn to elderly, come to Price for a wide range of issues that include injury, mobility issues and depression. Regardless of age or symptoms, she says everyone wants the same thing. “Everyone wants to get out of pain, that really is the bottom line. If people are in discomfort, they can’t be free to enjoy their lives.”

Price has several disciplines to draw from and will recommend what she feels is needed. “I wind up incorporating everything I do,” says Price, who also practices Reiki. “And I educate. What we’re doing is relying upon the wisdom of the body itself. We are not fixing a person. And that’s very important to say.”

Dr. Tammy Ruefli moved into the Heal Center Atlanta in August. She received a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in December 1999. The former Air Force administrative specialist has lived around the world, and her holistic chiropractic practice is as diverse as her background. Since earning her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 1999, Ruefli has enhanced her practice with clinical nutrition, nutritional response testing and radiesthesia. She began drawing on multiple disciplines while working in a high-volume practice in Seattle, Washington.


“I always felt like I wanted to do more for certain people,” says Ruefli. “I saw some of these people coming back and not getting better because they weren’t addressing other issues in their body.” Nutrition response testing, she explains, involves touching areas located over the body’s organs and using applied kinesiology to test for strength. If there is a weakness, she then tries to determine the cause and works with a client to find the proper mix of chiropractic care and nutrition. Ruefli is also slowly introducing radiesthesia, or dowsing, to her practice. She holds a crystal pendulum over a client to detect different energies within their body, which enables her to offer more precise chiropractic care.

Ruelfi says that every client session is different, and she works intuitively, rather than by a set of standard protocols. “Basically, you have to look at all aspects of the body,” she says. “Everything’s intertwined and connected.” Ruefli feels that as healer, she is fulfilling the role she was meant fill by educating people about better health and helping them listen to their own bodies. “Everything we connect with: food, drink, environmental pollutants, people and even emotions leaves an imprint on us, so we much choose wisely,” says Ruefli. “But sometimes we get out of balance and don’t even know it. I am here to serve by assisting one back to harmony.”

To contact Price, call 404-867-5543 or visit

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Sarah Buehrle is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings Atlanta.

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