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How Changing Perceptions Can Change Our Health

Perceptions are the way we think or feel about events, people or other aspects of life. They are influenced by our life experiences, and according to clinical trials, most perceptions remain unchanged over time. This can be a problem, if a static perception rooted in unresolved emotions is contributing to repeat patterns of physical or emotional disharmony. EVOX, a sophisticated new biofeedback tool, is a perception re-framing technology that helps identify and release emotional pain related to some stressful life experience or disease.

It uses the energy of the voice to map perceptions and track change, because vocal tones, or frequencies in the voice, directly reflect our feelings and thoughts. The EVOX system records the voice while a person speaks about a specific topic like health, relationships, work or performance. The results are used to create a visual map of that person’s perceptions and analyzed to identify areas where blockage is present.

The system identifies missing frequencies in the voice, and then feeds back the missing tones to help correct the mind/body blockage. Users report feeling more relaxed and peaceful, a greater ability to be present, release of anxieties, fears, worry and stress, increased productivity and satisfaction, ease in coping with formerly stressful situations, elimination of self-destructive behaviors and a renewed enthusiasm and optimism about life.

Naturopathic Doctor Susan Burns offers EVOX at Wellness Matters, 203A Woodpark Pl., Woodstock. To schedule an appointment, call 678-909-6030. For more information, visit

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