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The Benefits of Breast Phluffing

Personal hand lymphatic undulation flow facilitation (Phluff) was conceived by Cheryl Chapman, a nurse and self-breast care advocate. Phluffing is a safe and easy, gentle self-massage given to the breasts twice daily in order create flow and break up stagnant fluids and blood. That’s important, because the lymphatic system, a vital part of our immune system, collects waste material that’s in the body tissues and attacks cancer cells, viruses, bacteria and toxins.

Some of the benefits of ensuring that lymph fluid is circulating freely in the breast include softening breasts, relieving breast pain, decreasing lumps and cysts from fibrocystic breasts, bringing killer T-cells to protect the breast from bacteria and cancer, bringing blood and oxygen to the breast tissue, cleaning out toxins and stagnation and encouraging familiarity with the breasts.

Option A: Bend at the waist or stand upright; cup a hand under each breast; gently move the hand in an up-and-down motion as if fluffing (Phluffing) a pillow about 10 times.

Option B: Place the side of each hand under one breast onto the ribs; move the hand left to right in a sideways motion about 10 times; and repeat for other breast.

Option C: Lift the bra straps and move up and down; then place a hand on each breast and gently press in as if beeping a horn.

This is best done when sitting at a red light, watching TV or anyplace at any time. Do it 10 times or more.

Take phluffing up a notch by incorporating Healthy Girls Breast Oil, not only because it smells divine, but because it’s packed with essential oil powerhouses. In fact, studies show that monoterpenes, especially d-limonene, found in large quantity in certain essential oils, have anti-tumor activity. They improve the liver’s ability to break down carcinogens by increasing the amount of liver enzymes and also stimulate abnormal cell death and the multiplication of abnormal cells.

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated or at the mercy of scheduling with a professional. Regular self- breast exams and Phluffing self-care are under our own control. Be sure to incorporate it into a daily routine along with regular thermography screenings and yearly sensitive blood work that can find cancer in the body even when it is the size of a pinhead. Janique Cook is co-founder and certified clinical thermographer at Mobile Thermographic Imaging. Dr. Veronique Desaulniers is a breast cancer survivor, author of Heal Breast Cancer Naturally and founder of Breast Cancer Conqueror. For more information, visit and

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