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Mobile Thermographic Imaging

Mobile Thermographic Imaging, with seven technicians and more than 50 locations. sees a growing demand for thermography breast screening due to its non-invasive properties and early detection abilities.

Janique Cook and Angelique Scibetta became thermography technicians after Janique’s mother, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, developed breast cancer and used thermography to monitor her holistic treatment. Cook realized women seeking non-invasive breast screening options would connect with this technology. After her mother’s complete recovery, Cook and Scibetta took the business mobile so they could reach more doctors and women in the com- munity, and increase awareness about this life-saving screening.

Cook’s passion is helping women who seek out holistic options for prevention and detection. Scibetta’s interest is helping women learn about thermography and find peace of mind regarding breast health in a gentle, healthy and stress-free manner. Education is a big part of what they do, so they take time with each client to ensure they understand the process, benefits and results of the screening.

Meet the newest members of the Mobile Thermographic Imaging team:

Alia Faber has been in the healthcare field since 2010. Always interested in natural medicine, she likes helping others learn about prevention, early detection, and healing holistically.

Loren Scibetta was an X-ray technologist for several years. Since becoming a certified clinical thermographer, she has learned to appreciate a healthier approach to breast screenings and other treatments, as well as the overall benefits of healthy living.

Gabriella Jackovitch has a background in aesthetics and a commitment to non-invasive treatment options. She chose thermography for its safe, accurate approach and early detection capabilities.

Wendy Hartman was raised in an environment where healthy living was always a part of life, enabling cultivation of her interest in the holistic approach to health care.

Brandy Jackovitch appreciates the quality of life alternative health care supports and provides. She is excited to help other women know that there are safe and effective options in monitoring their breast health.

For appointments, call 678-688-8986 or visit

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