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KUDOS - Georgia Organics

Georgia Organics and the Georgia Department of Agriculture helped boost the number of Certified Organic farms in Georgia by 36 percent, reaching 103 farms in a 16-month period, to surpass the goal of 100 Certified Organic farms in the state by 2016.

The campaign removes the financial barrier to U.S. department of Agriculture Organic Certification by reimbursing the full cost of organic certification up to $1,000 for farmers pursuing it for the first time. Their next goal is the 200 Organic Farms Campaign.

In addition to financial reimbursement, farmers that participate in the 200 Organic Farms Campaign will receive marketing assistance, access to workshops and online resources covering business training, working with distributors and institutional buyers and guidance on the certification process.

For more information, call 678-702-0400 or visit

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