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Holistic Dentistry, Oral Health Care is Good for the Whole Family

An explosion of research over the past decades has shown that the health of our teeth and mouth directly impact our total body health. Research has established that bacteria from oral difficulties travel throughout the entire bloodstream, increase systemic inflammation and may accumulate in arteries, contributing to cardiac damage.

The Mayo Clinic says oral health is “a window to your overall health.” Europe’s leading center for alternative medicine, the Paracelsus Clinic, in Switzerland, notes that dental and other mouth/jaw disturbances are one of the underlying causes of ill health. Traditional dentistry treats the symptoms in teeth and gums trying to prevent them from recurring. Holistic dentistry is designed to work with the body to promote optimal health.

The foundation of a child’s ability to grow a healthy body includes excellent nutrition and oral health. Children experiencing kind and gentle holistic dental care get comfortable with taking care of their teeth and like going to the dentist. They learn how their whole body is affected by what they eat and how they take care of their body.

Supporting optimal growth and development of the jaw is key for proper alignment of teeth.

Straightening teeth the natural way is possible with Myobrace, functional orthodontics for younger patients, a no-braces approach to straightening the teeth and jaw. Some young people have enough room to keep their “wisdom” teeth, but not everyone grows enough jaw length to accommodate them. If they must be removed, appropriate treatment is needed to prevent complications. Non-invasive and safe for all ages, ozone for dentistry uses medical-grade oxygen converted for this special use. Ozone is a natural disinfecting agent that has powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties immediately on contact. Ozone gas and ozone water flow comfortably over teeth and gums for sterilization and tissue strengthening free of any negative impact or toxicity.

Dental ozone is safe for use with all ages. Most young people will not run into problems with decay deep enough to injure the tooth nerve, but some do. At the depth of the cavity, ozone kills any residual bacteria, promotes the healing of inflammation and reduces tooth sensitivity, thereby helping to avoid root canal treatment. Patients love it and experience excellent results in treating decay, periodontal disease, tooth sensitivity, canker sores and more.

Controversy still exists about the toxicity of mercury in dental fillings, with the American Dental Association recommending amalgam fillings; yet many families no longer want their children to receive mercury. In 2003, World Health Organization data stated that mercury from dental amalgam fillings is the major route of mercury exposure for the general public. Amalgam fillings release more mercury when they are first placed, but would take over 200 years of low-level release to emit all of the mercury.

Roberta Cann, DMD, AIAOMT, SMART certified, has been practicing holistic dentistry for total body wellness for 34 years.

Joyce Kim, DMD, IAOMT, SMART certified; practices holistic dentistry for patients of all ages.

Cann Dentistry is located at 3525 Piedmont Rd, Ste. 408, in Atlanta. For appointments, call 404-233-1102.

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