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Stripping Off Old Layers

by Lucretia Robison

In light of hard times, I have taken up stripping. Not because I always wanted to be a stripper. But because this is a time when, if we are wise, we will let go what doesn’t serve us, especially the clothing of illusion, which we wear like a suit of armor.

I actually began stripping in 2015. It’s no secret. Everyone knows. I began shedding several layers of ignorance and paradigms that needed to go, one by one, until my soul became as bare naked as the moment I was born.

I’m still not all the way there, but I have become expert at allowing the layers of what doesn’t belong to shed, to fall on the floor, to be carried away by a breeze, hopefully transmuting into bright energy the moment I become aware of their inability to serve me, or humanity through me.

When my health could no longer take being covered in the lies of our food industry, I learned about food healing. I was stripped of ignorance.

Then of pounds. Then I decided I was worth my own love and care.

Then I decided I would accept only the truth from those around me. Lies began to fall away.

When losing the pounds, the tissues liquefied before exiting, and the chemicals from layers of stored emotional trauma were released into my system.

Stripping is not for the weak. When my health became great, and I began to glow from within, my third eye decided to blink open and take a look around at reality. This one is bittersweet. Sigh.

Haruki Murakami said, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

When all of this stripping is complete, and we emerge brand new, shiny spirited, and wiser for the lessons, I am positive that abundance will flow in so rapidly we will never regret the stripping. We did what we had to do to survive. We are healthier, happier and more resilient people for it.

I wish you peace, good health and prosperity in all forms. Happy New Year!


Lucretia Robison is a licensed massage therapist, Emory University-trained health coach and blogger. If you have a personal story of awakening that you’d like to share in Walking Each Other Home, please contact [email protected].

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