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Golda Kombucha Opens Cultured South Georgia’s First Kombucha Taproom

Golda Kombucha, Georgia’s first kombucha tea company, celebrates another “first” with the opening of its new kombucha bar, taproom and fermentation marketplace, Cultured South—the first of its kind in Georgia.

Kombucha is a fermented beverage packed with probiotics, which are used to aid digestion, support the immune system and energize the body and mind. It is also rich in enzymes, antioxidants, glucuronic acid, trace minerals and B vitamins.

The company’s kombucha recipe—along with its fermentation culture—originates from a family recipe handed down by the founder’s grandmother Golda, the business’s inspiration and namesake.

After experimenting with fruit and herb flavor profiles in her home kitchen, founder and brewmaster Melanie Wade debuted Golda Kombucha to the public in 2013 at local farmers markets around Georgia. The beverage, handcrafted from local, organic ingredients, is available at natural foods stores, chain grocers, bars, restaurants and retail stores.

Launched in May, Cultured South offers fermented foods and beverages—including kombucha tea, kefir, Jun, drinking vinegars, wild ferments, cold brew coffee, vegan cheeses and more—to taste or to take home.


Cultured South overlooks the Atlanta Beltline at 1038 White Street in the new Lee + White food-and-beverage district.

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