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Newton Homeopathics

By Paul Chen

The late Luc Chaltin, founder of Newton Homeopathics of Conyers, holds a special place in Marge Roberts’s heart. And her office.

Roberts is president of the small, 15-employee producer of homeopathic medicines. “Our company, I would still say, is Luc’s company,” she says. “He was the genius behind this, and that’s the only reason we’re here.”

Roberts has held the company’s reins for 15 years. Chaltin died in 2009.

Chaltin’s life story is told on the wall of the company’s reception area, which also holds his ashes.

“He’s here, he’s always here, and he will always be here.”

Illness Prompts Discovery

When Chaltin, a native of Belgium, fell ill with tuberculosis in 1965, he was in dire straits. He could not tolerate allopathic medicine, and classical homeopathy—the single-remedy approach—was not helpful.

Research led him to develop a different approach—detoxifying his liver—and he created a combination of homeopathic remedies that he dubbed “Drainer.” Within six months, all signs of his disease had disappeared.

Over the years, Chaltin’s “genius” produced a new way to develop combination remedies, which he dubbed “clinical homeopathy.” Today, his company, Newton Homeopathics, offers more than 100 consumer complexes and more than 80 professional complexes available in hundreds of stores and doctors’ offices around the United States. In Atlanta, many natural health stores, including Good Nutrition, Nutrition Depot and Sevananda, sell Newton products. They are also for sale online at

Newton’s biggest seller for many years is Detoxifier, a complex containing 20 remedies. Newton Homeopathics promotes the complex because of the critical importance of liver and kidney health.

The company’s second biggest seller is Sciatica-Nerve Care. In what Roberts calls “a sign of the times,” its Nervousness-Anxiety complex has risen from the 15th spot in 2011 to its current third place ranking in sales.

Detoxifier is one of three products in Newton’s Jump Start Kit, which is the favorite Newton offering of Grace Roberts (no relation to Marge), a customer since 1993. “I would highly recommend the Jump Start Kit to anyone with multiple symptoms if they don’t know where to start the healing process,” she says. Of the kit’s other complexes, Roberts says: “I have a weak digestive system, and Bowel-Digestive Care helps tremendously with digestion and elimination. Rheumatic-Joint Care keeps my ‘senior’ joints working well without the use of over-the-counter pain relievers.”

Focus On Quality

Marge Roberts points to several things that she says demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality.

One is effectiveness. “When [Dr. Chaltin] put a complex together, he would take into account all aspects of the condition. For example, we believe that skin conditions have a toxic component to them, so there isn’t just something in there for the acne, there would be something in there for the liver and kidney.”

Another is purity. Newton uses a preservative that is “certified gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane alcohol.” And the company uses glass packaging instead of the less expensive plastic “because there’s an energetic component to homeopathy, and glass is inert,” Roberts says.

Newton also succusses product by hand. Succussion, a vigorous shaking, is the second step of the production process. “Some of the bigger companies use machines,” Roberts says. “We believe in the human energy field, so we hand-succuss.”

The practice does demand observant supervision: “We had somebody here that was going through some negativity in her life, and I told the lab super that I don’t want her making product.”

A convenience feature is dosage—all of Newton’s products’ dosages range from three to six drops, while many of his competitors’ products require many more than that.

Fighting Pharma

Roberts continues to fight “the continual onslaught of the pharmaceutical companies to put homeopathy out of business, or to take it over . . . And they’re doing it through regulatory means, for the most part.” Newton has decreased its offerings during her tenure because of testing costs; one American manufacturer closed last year because of increased costs, she explains.

Nevertheless, Roberts says, Newton Homeopathics is growing. Since she took over in 2004—today, she is the sole owner—Roberts has tripled the facility footprint from 7,000 square feet to 21,000 square feet. She’s increased the amount of contract manufacturing Newton performs, and has expanded her channels to include wholesale distributors.


For more information about Newton Homeopathics, see, email [email protected], or call (800) 448-7256.

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