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Who’s Listening?

Nov 30, 2018 05:53PM ● By Lucretia Robison

When a prayer is uttered, a vibration occurs. Is anyone listening?

If I am made in the image of God, does that not make me a creator? If you are God and you created me to create, why am I less than you? And why do I need someone else to tell me how you operate? You are within me.

(Hush world! Hush mantras and recitals and memorized verses and media and negative head voices and dogma! I already know what you are saying. I’ve heard it enough my whole life. I can’t possibly forget. Quiet down. I only want to listen to pure Divinity right now.)

So, to Whom am I praying? A singular being? Or a whole universe in which I am a vital part?

Who ever told any of us we are less than gods?
When a prayer is answered, is it because Something or Someone else listened and responded? Or because I listened and became a magnet to that which I asked for: in word, thought, feeling or vibration? Did Something or Someone else deliver it? Or did I simply tap into abundance and claim what serves me?

Divine Creator, I do not think I can be your servant, because I am part of you. To be subservient is shortchanging myself, which might be an insult to your work in me. After all, I am a divine creator. I allow creation to flow through me. That serves humanity as a whole, a collective Divinity, as well as each one of my fellow men and women. That makes me magical, not subordinate. I am part of the divine matter that is you.

This body and spirit came together under contract. I have things to do while I am here. I forget that sometimes. Now I remember. There will be more things to do when I can soar without the limitations of my body. But here I am now, in the flesh that I chose prior to coming, and I want to know: Who ever told any of us we are less than gods?
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