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The Road to Better Health Starts Here

When I acquired this franchise, I was motivated by our content featuring personal evolution. That’s why we have a yoga section: So many people have discovered that this ancient practice has changed, if not transformed, their lives.

But the core of Natural Awakenings has always been natural health. With a readership of 2.8 million for the franchise’s print publication, which is celebrating its 25th year—see page 14—Natural Awakenings is one of America’s largest natural health magazines. And it is on this subject that I’ve been slowly educating myself.

Thus far, here’s my single biggest takeaway: By the time cancer invades, chronic illness manifests, or autoimmune diseases appear, your health has been degrading for years, if not decades. The fact that one is asymptomatic is not a sign of health. Disease does not develop overnight; it builds until the last straw breaks the proverbial camel’s back.

In other words, it is possible to avoid a great deal of suffering from health challenges if we take proactive measures.

With this single premise in mind, and with this issue that brings my second year to a close, we embark on a journey of expanding our editorial ambition to include even greater coverage of natural health and healing.

Our first piece in this effort is Diane Eaton’s Be Healthy & Stay Healthy, starting on page 20. In a sign of what’s to come, Diane spoke with seven Atlanta sources for this article; we like to lean heavily on local practitioners for their knowledge, wisdom and expertise.

In the future, we will continue to provide 30,000-foot overviews as well as dive into the weeds. We will go in depth in several areas, starting with a special section on energy healings slated for publication next month. And we look forward to exploring Ayurveda, perhaps the world’s oldest system of health, sometime in 2019. These topics are just the ones currently in our sight lines. Over the next few years we will provide you with as much useful information as possible to enhance your health starting from where you are today.

The tough part about prevention is proof. Readily available evidence seems to suggest that humans are horrible about taking preventive measures—climate change, anyone? Being asymptomatic is likely a reason for most people not to be concerned about their health because lack of symptoms is translated as “healthy.”

But you, dear readers, are not “most people.” The fact that you read this publication indicates that you have an above-average concern your health. Moreover, two-thirds of you have been reading Natural Awakenings for two or more years.

And we know that you’re well-educated; reader surveys show that the percentage of you who have at least one college degree is twice the national average. Eighty-eight percent of you buy healthy or organic foods; 77 percent buy vitamins, herbs or supplements; and 71 percent are on the lookout for new healthcare practitioners.

Moreover, it’s likely you already know that as you incorporate and make routine natural health practices, there will be proof: You will feel better. For many, “better” will manifest as more energy. Perhaps you’ll experience better sleep, less stress and an overall heightened sense of wellness.

So we invite you, dear reader, to join us on our journey to greater health and longer lives. Let us know what you think about what we produce and what you’d like to see. As always, our message is that we’re in this together.

My first publisher’s letter two years started off with a Ram Dass quotation that I’d like to close with here: “When all is said and done, we’re all just walking each other home.”

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