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Ayurvedic Healing Center Opens in Athens

Ayurvedic physician, Falguni Trivedi (Photo: Atul Shah)

The Athens Ayurveda Center recently opened its doors in Athens, providing Ayurvedic consultation, treatments and herbal supplements for health and wellness.

Owner and CFO, Atul Shah, MS, says, “Conventional modern medicines only mask the symptoms, whereas Ayurveda reaches the roots of the symptoms through complete balance of life. Our goal and our mission are to help people wean away from allopathy by increasing immunity and treating imbalances in the body.”

Ayurveda focuses on finding the imbalances in the body/mind and providing treatments and products accordingly to increase immunity and address the roots of an ailment.

Athens Ayurvedic Center provides a full spectrum of Ayurvedic-related services, including traditional healing practices such as Panchakarma, which Shah describes as “total detoxification and rejuvenation,” and Shirodhara, when oil or other liquids are poured on the head. The practice “will take care of psychosomatic problems, people with anxiety, depression,” Shah says. “It calms down their mind and lets them focus on what they want to do.”

The center’s healing team includes registered Ayurvedic doctor, Falguni Trivedi, who has been treating patients for 27 years. Additionally, Amita Shah, wife of Atul, is a recently retired pharmacist of 30 years who has longed to offer herbal supplements for health instead of drugs with side effects. 

The Athens Ayurveda Center is located at 1945 Barnett Shoals Road in Athens. It is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on weekends by appointment only. For more information, visit, or email [email protected]
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