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Infinity Floating: Diagnosis Leads to 18k-Sq.-Ft. Holistic Health Center

Apr 01, 2021 08:30AM ● By Paul Chen
In May 2013, Deborah Helms was a regional vice president for CarMax. One morning, she woke up to—nothing. She had no memory at all, neither short-term nor long-term.

What followed was months upon months of extreme pain, unending migraines, exhaustion and exasperation. Nineteen doctors later, Helms was still searching for answers.

A Chiropractic Visit and Groupon

Eventually, Helms was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, sometimes called the “suicide disease” because the pain is so excruciating that it leads some to take their own lives. A neurologist recommended brain surgery.

“He said ‘the only way to stop the pain is to sever the nerve endings,’” explains Helms. “And I was like, ‘what happens when you sever the nerve endings?’ And he said, ‘Your memory will never come back.’”

That was not acceptable to Helms. She started weekly chiropractic treatments, and they helped the pain. Then, during a visit in 2014, her chiropractor told her about “float therapy.” He thought it could help.

Helms left the chiropractor’s office and climbed into her car; her son was at the wheel. Unaware of the chiropractor’s recommendation, he told her about a Groupon he had just discovered that might interest her; it was for a float facility 10 minutes from their home.

“So the very next day, I was floating,” says Helms. “And my pain levels were literally gone. And it was with no medication and no doctors. I could not believe it.”

Building Georgia’s Largest Holistic Health Center

Like many who overcome serious health challenges, Helms felt it was time to give back. In 2015, she opened Infinity Floating & Healing Center in Braselton.

“The two things that our bodies are continually challenged by are circulation and inflammation,” says Helms. “And the two things floating takes care of are circulation and inflammation.”

Starting with two float tanks, the business quickly outgrew the space and moved to the center’s current 18,000-sq.-ft. location in March 2016. Her sister, Lyn Ragan, joined her in the business, and they subsequently added cryotherapy and massage to their menu of services. They now lease space to eight other health and wellness practitioners to expand service further. Allstar Shape & Fitness, the latest addition, opened in February. Services by other businesses in the complex include chiropractic care, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, esthetician services and yoni steaming. In addition, The Atlanta Vitality Center offers a range of services, including infusion therapy, stem cell therapy and sexual dysfunction therapy.

Helms calls Infinity Floating “Georgia’s largest home to alternative health.”

Walk-In Discovers Whole-Body Cryotherapy

Helms says the business receives walk-in clients every day—in spite of the fact that its building stands alone; there are no sidewalks leading to it.

Caine Tate walked in a few years back with sciatic pain. Daily sessions of cryotherapy cleared it up in a few weeks, and it felt so good, he continued treatments for two years. His six-minute sessions of cryotherapy did wonders for his pain. “I lift weights six days a week, and I had a lot of joint pain I thought was just normal,” says Tate. “That all went away. It just took all the inflammation out. And I dropped 10 pounds without even trying.”

The Better You Are for You

While there is no formal consultation and referral process at Infinity, Helms’ staff are young adults looking to go into healing professions. They are, says Helms, particularly motivated to learn about everything offered, listen to customers and make suggestions accordingly.

“We want to educate people about the benefits of different therapies and let them choose,” says Helms.

“If you do not do something about [your health], it will catch up with you. And I’m the perfect example of that,” she says. “You have to take time for yourself. You have to make positive deposits in the number one asset you have—and that’s you. The better you are for you, the better you are for others.” ❧

Infinity Floating & Healing Center is located at 32 Johnson Drive in Braselton. For more: or 706-654-7118.

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