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Southeast Yoga Conference 2012 is Nirvana for Yogis

The annual Southeast Yoga Conference will be held October 5, 6 and 7, at the W Atlanta Downtown hotel, which features Zen-like décor and a full-service spa. The conference begins with a symposium featuring six unique yoga-centered presentations. The first is an overview of Ayurveda, followed by a Thai yoga bodywork demonstration and a discussion of the benefits of Thai yoga massage.

Jim Bennitt, from Chicago, will focus on tantric vinyasa yoga, discovering your authentic self, and how to tie that knowledge into yoga or any other practice. Mike Fecht will speak about healing the soul and using yoga as a tool to overcome grief.

The symposium concludes with a panel discussion led by Faith Hunter, Sarah Faircloth and Joe Palese. Participants can take the opportunity to submit a question beforehand or simply sit back and listen to a discussion on the hottest issues in the yoga community.

On Saturday and Sunday, workshops will be offered by local and international teachers. Topics include Yin and Yang, Lateral Stretching, Yoga Nidra, Vesica Practice, Foundations of Darma Yoga and many other fascinating yoga practices.

In 2006, local yoga teachers Melissa Katz and Nicole Jurovics set off on a mission to create a forum for yogis to immerse themselves in the practices and philosophies of the myriad styles of yoga and learn. Their first conference was a one-day event in a yoga studio with participants from Atlanta and neighboring cities.

Over the last six years, Katz and Jurovics have grown the Southeast Yoga Conference (formerly the Atlanta Yoga Conference) to include teachers, participants and vendors from around the world, celebrating and studying all forms of yoga and creating an unparalleled opportunity for yoga enthusiasts in Atlanta.

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