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Sacred Fire Foundation

Preserving Indigenous Cultures and Traditions

The nonprofit Sacred Fire Foundation unites cultures and religions to promote spiritual and personal growth. Their mission is to restore balance in the world by igniting a heart-centered way for people to relate to each other, their community and the world at large.

One of Sacred Fire’s most popular events is the Ancient Wisdom Rising weekend, taking place from November 9 to 11, at The Lodge, in Simpsonwood. The event will encompass a unique, intimate gathering of elders from around the world, bringing traditions, ceremonies, teachings and workshops together in one sacred spot.

Participants can expect a powerful and deeply moving experience that comes from joining and learning from spiritual leaders. Representatives from the Alaskan Aleut, Eastern Cherokee, Tibetan Buddhist, Muscogee/Creek, West African Dagara, Pakistani Sufi and Dine Navajo will share wisdom and inspiration that bring joy and meaning to any way of life.

Gathering around the sacred fire that will burn all day and night creates a warm, intimate bond that resonates with people of all religions and cultures. Dancing, music and traditional ceremonies add to the experience of unity among diverse groups and solidifies the notion that the world becomes a better place when people embrace diversity and strengthen their spiritual connections.

Sacred Fire actively supports initiatives that keep cultural connections alive for future generations. Their magazine, Sacred Fire, provides readers with warm, illuminating, provocative articles and stories about life challenges and joys. Poetry, humor and art add to the mix to create a fresh outlook on modern culture and ways people can connect with each other and the sacred aspects of the world.

The foundation’s book imprint, Sacred Fire Press, is dedicated to spiritual teachings from ancient and original sources. Their first book, Heard Around the Fire, is full of life lessons from the “original shaman,” Grandfather Fire.

The Sacred Fire Foundation keeps cultures and traditions alive with biannual Wisdom Fellowships awards to tradition-holders that keep the sacred fires of their people burning. Financial partnerships and grants are given to organizations that preserve and sustain traditional indigenous ways of life, including restoration of cultural sites and the promotion of events that document, educate and communicate indigenous wisdom. The Sacred Fire Foundation also supports community development programs for indigenous people that promote sustainability and protection of their culture and traditions.

For more information and registration, visit Information on grants and the work of The Sacred Fire Foundation can be found at

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