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Using Energy Medicine for Stress Management

Stress has been named as a cause or complicating factor in up to 90 percent of all disease, so we need to optimize the way we manage and defuse it in our lives. There will always be some stress, but we can choose healthy strategies to reduce our body’s response to stressors, which can be physical, emotional, psychological or environmental. Whether we are facing an actual tiger or driving in rush hour traffic, our bodies may respond to each situation as a threat to survival.

The adrenal glands manage our physical response to stress by secreting the hormones adrenaline, for the fight or flight response; cortisol, which mobilizes energy for longer term survival; DHEA, which supports mood, immune function and sex hormones; and aldosterone, for blood pressure regulation.

Adrenaline causes blood to be diverted from the brain’s frontal thinking centers to back brain reflex survival response thinking. This makes it difficult to think of new ways to cope. Elevated levels of cortisol affect the neurotransmitters, impeding normal memory function, and affect the hippocampus, impairing the creation of new memories and limiting access to existing ones. They also suppress the immune system, allowing overgrowth of systemic yeast and creation of food allergies; both of which can create brain fog. Also, cortisol decreases the ability to clear toxins from the body, which can contribute to heavy metal toxicity, another cause of brain fog.

Much of what is necessary for this involves clear thinking and a willingness to change behavior. The basic approach includes assessing the causes of our stress; avoiding what we can and altering what is possible; accepting what we can’t change; and acquiring tools to access the relaxation response, such as abdominal breathing, meditation, yoga, Tai chi and qi gong. We can also support our adrenals physically through diet, supplements and appropriate rest and activity.

The body’s better-known energy systems—chakras, meridians and auras—are pathways in the brain and body that can get disconnected or scrambled, leaving us feeling confused, overwhelmed, tired, foggy and off-balance. In Chinese medicine, the central meridian runs from the pubic bone up to the lower lip, passing through most of the chakras. Simply tracing that path, like “zipping up” your torso, can reinforce the forward flow of this meridian. This helps to protect our energy field, leading to a feeling of security and centeredness, improved clarity, confidence and inner strength.

If traditional approaches to health and stress management are not working, the key may be to look at our energy systems and optimize them. By adding energy medicine tools, we can improve our ability to cope with stress and remove blocks to creating a supportive, healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Linda Rayner is a holistic physician and empath, specializing in energy medicine. For more information, call 404-409-5925, email [email protected] or visit

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