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‘Dr. Mike’ Greenberg

An Innovator in Chiropractic Care

For many years, Chiropractor Mike Greenberg, DC, ran a successful chiropractic clinic in Los Angeles, treating sports injuries and other health concerns. The only complaint he’d receive from time to time was that some patients didn’t like the cracking or popping that occurred during a spinal adjustment, so Greenberg began searching the globe for new techniques that he could implement to make these patients more comfortable. Along the journey, he became a self-proclaimed “technique junkie,” discovering highly effective treatments and applying them successfully in his practice, located in Atlanta at Millennium Healthcare.

Greenberg’s mojo lies in his depth of knowledge about various techniques and his ability to pinpoint the right treatment for each client. He has treated many celebrities, including James Garner, Richard Dreyfuss, Quincy Jones, Rod Stewart, Amy Irving, Cathy Lee Crosby and Barry Bostwick. He has appeared on national television, published articles on achieving optimal health and given workshops around the country for his peers. In 1996, Greenburg was awarded a U.S. patent for his hypoallergenic multivitamin formula.

During a health seminar, Greenberg met a woman who had discovered a way to naturally eliminate allergies. Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad, M.D., DC, LAc, Ph.D., is now world renowned for developing the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), and has trained thousands of doctors, nurses, dentists and other health practitioners in its use. Greenberg was one of her first students and employs this groundbreaking technique in his practice.

NAET utilizes a blend of holistic and natural treatments that include acupuncture, nutrition and kinesiology. The first step Greenberg takes with a client is figuring out what is triggering allergy symptoms. Traditional allergy testing only covers a dozen major allergies. Greenberg uses the antigen leukocyte antibody test (ALCAT) system to determine food intolerances in a patient. It has been successfully used for two decades, and is the most effective food intolerance test available today.

In addition to the health factor, there is an economic impetus to eliminate allergies. The cost of avoiding wheat, for example, can be prohibitive for even a small family buying gluten-free specialty products, and allergy medications, shots and blood tests are a drain on family budgets.

Greenberg sets his fees at $45 for adults and $35 for kids, so that no individual or family has to bypass treatment for financial reasons. Assuming that 10 sessions are needed to eliminate a food allergy, that’s a cost of under $500 for a major quality of life improvement.

In addition to food and environmental allergies, Greenberg can successfully reprogram the body to eliminate allergies to life-saving medications. Sometimes sensitivities or allergies develop that are so strong people will stop taking vital medications. Greenberg strongly discourages patients from going off life-saving meds such as blood pressure pills that can help prevent a stroke.

Greenberg also works with cancer patients to program the body to tolerate chemo treatments with fewer negative side effects. “It’s hard to believe,” says Greenberg, “But patients who have come here to be treated before chemo injections had a much better experience.”

Greenberg firmly believes that food allergies and sensitivities are the missing link in medicine. Traditional doctors are becoming more receptive to allergy testing, but will run tests only if the patient requests them. A patient can come in for a medical visit with severe symptoms and the doctor will run a standard battery of tests for major health issues. If the results come back negative, the doctor may assume the patient’s symptoms are psychosomatic.

When a patient comes to Greenberg, he begins with a detailed history, including any emotional events that occurred prior to the onset of symptoms. Many patients have multiple health issues, so the doctor begins with their chief complaint and its symptoms, and using his decades of experience, he can usually narrow down the diagnosis to a few options. Utilizing kinesiology, Greenburg then “asks” the body for the source of the weakness; the muscles react and give him the answers he needs to help the patient heal.

Emotional triggers can cause symptoms of disease, and Greenberg utilizes eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) to help the brain let go of a traumatic memory. This technique is used by psychologists and is extremely effective when incorporated with other holistic approaches to healing the body.

Although nothing is foolproof, Greenberg feels that he hasn’t met an allergy he couldn’t eliminate. “The technique works. It is rare for patients not to see results, but rare exceptions may happen. Medical problems are often multifaceted. That’s a phenomenon when you’re dealing with humans—we are complex beings, and there might be underlying or hidden reasons why someone doesn’t respond.”

Millennium Healthcare is located at 4370 Georgetown Square, in Atlanta. Contact Dr. Greenburg at 770-390-0012 or

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