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Clear Path Wellness Renovates Center

Clear Path Wellness Center has expanded and renovated their facility in Sandy Springs. A new reception area, a third colonics room, a far-infrared sauna shower and a spacious and serene room for massage therapy are all part of the upgrade.

The center specializes in stress relief, digestive issues and ridding the body of toxins. Services include colon hydrotherapy, far-infrared sauna, IonCleanse footbaths, reflexology, massage therapy and nutritional consulting using the Bio Scope.

Therapists Sue Pepka and Korey Gotoo are certified by I-ACT and have been assisting clients with colon therapy for seven years and five years, respectively. The center uses the closed system of colon hydrotherapy.

Location: Sandy Spring Professional Building, 275 Carpenter Dr., Ste. 202. For more information, call 404-497-9268 or visit

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