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TaKeTiNa Founder Brings Yoga Rhythm to Decatur

Master teacher Reinhard Flatischler will offer a weekend immersion in TaKeTiNa from October 18 through 20, in Decatur. Flatischler developed this rhythm education process more than 40 years ago to teach people how to uncover their innate rhythmic intelligence through meditation using music and movement.
Like yoga, TaKeTiNa imparts dexterity. On a deeper level, it is a practice in mindfulness, acceptance and being in the present moment, and helps quiet the busy chatter of the unconscious mind, encouraging the body’s intuitive wisdom to surface, promoting discovery of both rhythm and of self.
Studies by the International Association for Music in Medicine and others have supported the therapeutic use of TaKeTiNa in pain management and psychotherapy. Preliminary research also shows that TaKeTiNa improves a measure of heart health called heart rate variability. Decatur is one of three U.S. stops on Flatischler’s North and South America TaKeTiNa workshop tour, The Yoga of Rhythm, hosted by local TaKeTiNa facilitators Colleen Caffrey and Amy Jackson, of DrumRise.
Location: Decatur Recreation Center. 231 Sycamore St., Decatur. For more information, visit
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