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Healing Workshop Integrates Science, Spirituality and EFT

On Friday and Saturday, September 27 – 28, Dr. Henry Grayson, Ph.D will be in Atlanta to present a two-day workshop demonstrating proven techniques for achieving optimal health and true happiness. Grayson is a renowned psychologist, author and speaker and founder of the National Institute for the Psychotherapies in New York City. He has developed innovations on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Tapas Acupressure Technique, Thought Field Therapy and adaptations of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Dr. Grayson believes that just as an athlete must train to develop physical strength and endurance, individuals seeking mental health and clarity need to work at training and toning their minds.

The workshop is geared toward anyone who works with clients in a healing capacity as well as those seeking better health for themselves or loved ones. The workshops will include handouts, hands-on demonstrations, techniques and instruction on how to identify problems and their origination, and remove and clear blockages. Participants will learn how to replace negative beliefs with positive ones to open neural pathways, and develop practices and habits to maintain newfound health.

Topics will include dealing with negative emotions, childhood traumas, stresses, the cause of illness, and the powerful impact of thoughts and beliefs on our mind and body. Dr. Grayson will also discuss the limiting definitions of the self or ego, an understanding of self from spiritual and quantum physics perspectives, insights from biology, brain scan studies and neuropsychology and their implications. He will share a simple six-question assessment and tool for self-healing, how to use muscle testing to identify resistance and gains, and how to clear both remembered and unremembered traumas.

Location: Embassy Suites Atlanta-Buckhead, 3285 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta.  11 CEUs available for counselors, social workers and psychologists. More information and online registration at

Unconscious Barriers to Healing and Health

World Renowned Ph.D., Henry Grayson Teaches Effective Methods We Can All Use to Reprogram Our Brains for Health, Healing and Happiness

UseYourBodyCover2012 There is significant scientific research proving that the human brain can physically change due to plasticity. With regular, self induced bi- lateral and meridian stimulation, which can be done by anyone in a matter of minutes, one can actually rebuild neuropathways and cell message centers to promote better health and healing capability. In his new book, Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind, Henry Grayson, Ph.D. teaches you how to do this and why it is necessary in a simple, easy to understand manner.

Why should you be concerned about this?

As Dr. Grayson discovered in his vast research while training mental health professionals for the last decade or so, and treating clients in his private practice for over 30 years:

“Each one of us has uncontrollable, unconscious barriers which prevent us from achieving even the simplest instructions from a physician or care provider in order to get better.”

How many people actually do what they need to do to get better? Not many, In fact, most people fall back to their regular bad habits rather quickly. Why does this happen? Dr. Grayson has found that there are a myriad of factors which contribute to unproductive outcomes in terms of health, happiness and healing.

Not only does negative thinking contribute to disease, but sadness, and stress weigh on the brain and body. Accumulated traumas in people’s lives  bog down the limbic system (survival part of the brain), in turn, creating knee jerk responses to imagined threats which are triggered by unconscious memories of these traumas.  All of these factors reinforce negative behaviors/reactions that cause strife, unhappiness and situations that could have easily been avoided.

How do you avoid getting stuck in this vicious circle or trap?

Had you cleared the trauma, in a timely manner, with one of Dr. Grayson’s easy brain changing, meridian based methods you would be far less apt to retain that emotional charge or trigger reactivation.

If we maintain our mind body with regular clearing of traumas, negative beliefs, and thoughts, we can set ourselves up for productivity, energy, and vibrant health!

These methods are simple, take about 10 minutes and when incorporated into every day life can dramatically alter one’s conscious perspective and increase the chance for health and happiness.

The outcome:  People will operate from a more efficient and neutral brain space when responding to life’s uncontrollable situations, because they will be less emotional which Grayson likens to a back pack emptied of life’s metaphorical rocks. Grayson explains how each time something traumatic or emotional occurs we put a proverbial rock in our back pack trekking up the mountain of life. With each event the back pack becomes heavier. This “weight” promotes disease, depression, and false belief systems. Each time we leave the rock and add another, without clearing “the weight” we greaten our chances of disease, depression, and our inability to heal.

The body naturally holds infinite wisdom that is readily available to each one of us with muscle testing techniques. Muscle Testing shows the body how the body weakens upon a negative thought. This physical weakness that the body and mind experiences repeatedly is directly related to the breaking down of physical and mental health.

Most of us rely on medical doctors to relieve symptoms of discomfort (due to the continual weakening of the body with accumulated traumas, negative thoughts, and emotionally charged situations) with medications, and rarely, if ever, delves into the real issue behind the symptom.

If we keep treating symptoms without “releasing” the cause, we will continually ride the medication train, forever traveling in a frustrating circle of return, and will eventually set ourselves up for serious mental and physical illness.

With Dr. Grayson’s revolutionary methods to identify and release these barriers to health and healing, one sets themselves up for a healthier, peaceful and more neutral existence.

Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind is a wonderful handbook that clearly explains research that shows scientific proof that we have infinite power to renew, and create almost perfect health in body and mind.

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