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The Manifold Benefits of Far-Infrared Detoxification

The environment in which we live is full of toxins, even for those who eat well, exercise and live in spotless homes. The presence of heavy metals, pesticides, drugs and other chemicals abound in the air we breathe, the food and drinks we consume and the products we use. Detoxing on a regular basis is a great way to cleanse the body and prevent unhealthy conditions that lead to disease.

There are three more common and relatively easy ways to detox, and those are juicing, exercise and colonics. A fourth method, using a far-infrared sauna, is a highly effective way to detox while also receiving many side benefits.

Juicing uses cleansing and nourishing components such as liquid chlorophyll (contained in dark, leafy greens and other nutritious, raw foods) to enable the body to release toxins while supplying the cells with vitamins and minerals.

Exercise helps get the heart rate up and increases circulation to help the body cleanse itself. Walking, bike riding, swimming, aerobics, yoga and weight training are all good choices. Choose an activity you enjoy to increase the probability that you’ll stick with it.

Colonics cleanse the colon to help remove toxic waste and impurities including yeast, fungus, mold and parasites. A clean colon leads to a healthy body.

Far-infrared ray saunas not only help detox the body, but provide all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of natural solar radiation.

The sun is our principal source of infrared heat. As the sun’s rays hit the surface of the Earth, what we perceive as heat is in fact far-infrared waves that are essential for all life. When you lie on the beach, you are soaking up infrared heat. Unfortunately, you are also receiving damaging ultraviolet rays. The invisible and very safe heat produced by a far-infrared sauna is able to penetrate well below the skin, which enables the body to sweat at temperatures of 110 to 140 degrees F.

The far-infrared sauna helps the body remove any accumulation of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals and other dangerous toxins by expanding clogged capillary vessels and dissolving the toxins into the blood, so they can be released out of the body through urine and perspiration. Both excess fat and toxins literally spill out of the body. The benefits are like both a total detoxification and a workout, without lifting a finger.

A conventional sauna relies on indirect means of heat to produce its heating effect on the body, which means the skin has direct contact with hot air. An infrared heater heats only 20 percent of the air, leaving more than 80 percent of the heat available to directly impact the body. It can warm a person to a greater depth and more efficiently than a conventional sauna, while allowing them to breathe easily. Infrared heat penetrates the body one-and-a-half-to two inches deep, producing two to three times more sweat and the ability to shake out more toxins; more even than working out or using conventional saunas. The head stays outside the sauna enclosure, so only the body remains inside, which makes the sauna experience more comfortable and effective.

The body is able to absorb far-infrared ray energy because of its deep penetrating properties. This energy helps to give pain relief from sports injuries, fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic pain conditions, and it is very effective for weight loss.

Spending 15 minutes in the far-infrared sauna corresponds to 30 minutes of jogging in the number of calories burned. The sauna assists in fat loss because the heart works harder to send more blood to the capillaries under the skin. Other benefits include increased energy, stress reduction, boosting the immune system, purifying the skin, improving flexibility of blood vessel walls, anti-aging and relaxation.

Wheatgrass Detox Shot

1 oz juiced wheatgrass 1 tsp fresh lemon juice 1 tsp juiced ginger Pinch cayenne pepper

Combine freshly juiced organic wheatgrass, lemon juice, ginger juice and cayenne pepper and drink on an empty stomach. Wait at least 45 minutes before eating anything.

Get in the sauna, take a walk, get a colonic and toss back a wheatgrass shot and you will get the benefit of multiple detoxification and cleansing methods. The result will be improved health and well-being for years to come.

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