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Book Claims that God’s True Identity is Holy Mother Mary

The Holy Mother Mary Is GOD is a non-denominational book that reveals great mysteries and explains that the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine, Mother God came to this Earth as the Holy Mother Mary. The authors, Kevin Peter Kelly and Marina Nikole Kelly, say that the book is written not only in their own voice and words, but also through the voice and words of God, Jesus, Malachi and Saint Germain about a divine plan that started 2,600 years ago.

“This book is for everyone, no matter what system of belief one holds,” explain the authors. “We are from one spirit, and the source of that spirit is Holy Spirit.” The book proposes that the oneness of all exists in three aspects and that the third aspect of God, Holy Spirit has been misinterpreted. It promises to help to cultivate the soil that will allow new seeds to grow into a balanced world of divine feminine and divine masculine. “Like a great gateway, The Holy Mother Mary Is GOD is intended to usher us into the new age that will bring us into a world of peace,” say the Kellys.

The Holy Mother Mary Is GOD is available as a paperback, hardcover or e-book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers. For more information, call 800-345-6665 or visit Dedicated Lightworkers site,

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