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Make Healthy Bath Salts at Home

The Heal Center Atlanta's aromatherapy certification class is a good resource for people that want to make gifts with their aromatherapy knowledge. Roz Zollinger, founder of the Heal Center, is well aware of this and has built a class on aromatherapy gift-making into her curriculum.

A bath salt is mostly one part salt of your choice, such as Himalayan salt or refined sea salt and one part baking soda, with the addition of dendritic salt and a little bit of carrier oil, plus pure essential oils. A large stainless steel bowl and scoop is best for long-term bath salt making, but plastic bowls are fine, too.

To start, pour salt and baking soda into a bowl and mix well, breaking any clumps. Then make a small well in the middle and add the dendritic salt (for longer shelf life), essential oils and a tablespoon or so of carrier oil. All that is left to do is put the mixtures into decorative containers and present the gifts with pride.

To made a bath scrub for a friend that eschews baths in favor of showers, fill a four-ounce jar about three-quarters full of turbinado sugar, and then add pure essential oils and mix. Fill each jar with almond carrier oil until the oil is flowing over the sugar.

Two plastic baggies of salts and one jarred scrub translates into 15 crafty gifts for family and friends. Just buy canning jars and add some decoration. Do not think the projects too humble just because they were easy to make. Remember, some wise men once felt frankincense and myrrh to be gifts fit for a king.


Roz's  Deep Relaxation Bath Salt Recipe

Yields approximately six, four-ounce canning jars of salts.

Mix 1 cup salt with 1 cup baking soda. Make a well, add a half teaspoon of dendritic salt. Add 12 drops lavender, 8 tangerine, 8 ylang ylang, 6 vetiver and 3 Roman chamomile on top of the dendritic salt. Cover with one to two tablespoons of carrier oil and mix.

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