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Publishers Cruise for Vegan Cuisine

It all began in March, when we took a vegan cruise offered by Holistic Holidays.  For the first couple days, nothing changed in our diet, until we began to sample the specially prepared vegan cruise cuisine. It was surprisingly delicious. Then, we began to sample the workshops and learn more about plant-based whole foods. We were inspired by speakers like plant-powered ultra-athlete Rich Roll, nutrition myth-buster Dr. Michael Klaper, plant-based diet experts like T. Colin Powell, author of The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long Term Health and Dr. Neal Barnard, author of Power Foods for the Brain and a compelling speaker whose recent research has shown that diabetes can be controlled and even reversed with a plant-based whole-foods diet. So, we decided to experiment with our own diets and made a commitment to eat a vegan menu for six months.

Well, we’re four months into that commitment and holding. So far, it’s been awesome and educational. The most noticeable change is having a lot more energy, and eating more greens in a day than we used to eat in a whole month. Our digestion is loving it! Along this journey, we’ve met some interesting Atlantans, including Dr. Rudy Scarfalloto, author of What Should I Eat? and proponent of intuitive eating, and Tasilli Ma’at, of Tasilli’s Raw Reality, whose kale dishes will fill you to the brim and delight your tastebuds.

We’ve reconnected with old friends like Nature’s Garden Express, which brings an amazing box of fresh, organic produce to our doorstep every week so we can eat like royalty. We’ve also starting mining back issues of Natural Awakenings for tasty raw foods recipes from Brenda Cobb, of the Living Foods Institute. We’ve been out-and-about exploring vegan dining options around town and have a personal commitment to sampling every cupcake flavor the Dulce Vegan Bakery & Cafe has to offer.

We’re looking forward to next year’s Holistic Holiday Vegan Cruise and hope you’ll consider joining us in 2015. While you’re planning to cruise with us, add the Atlanta Veg Fest (November 8) and WanderLust Festival & 5k (September 28) to your calendar, too. We’ll be there, and still eating a plant-based, whole foods diet.

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