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Heeding the Body’s Warning Signals

The human body is an incredibly complex, sensitive and intricate system. When something is off in the body, either physically, mentally or emotionally, it gives off warning signals in the form of pain, stress or discomfort. It’s critical to pay attention to these warning signs and to treat your body at least as well as you would treat your car when the warning light comes on.

When your body is experiencing pain or stress, it’s time to diagnose the problem. If you know you’ve been mistreating your body with too many processed foods and drugs and not enough exercise, chances are you can take the necessary steps on your own to correct the situation and get your body back in shape. The key is to be aware, listen and understand the message your body is giving you.

The body’s natural healing system depends largely on mind-body communication, and is transmitted through the nervous system. If anything occurs to interfere with this communication, physical health is jeopardized. Our psychological health is largely determined by the silent communication we have with ourselves through our thoughts known as self-talk. Both physical and psychological problems have their own warning signals. Headaches, back pain and digestive issues are just a few physical warning signals. Worry, fatigue, short temper and lack of focus are psychological warning signals that can indicate excessive stress.

Consider the warning signs your body has been sending and whether you are seriously addressing the issue. Do you need to work on self-destructive patterns of thought or behavior? Do you have physical ailments that are being masked by pills, but not healed? Are you living each day in a happy, healthy and mindful way?

Stop, look and listen to your body and your thoughts. Become proactive and take the necessary steps on behalf of your own health and happiness. Empower yourself by improving your habits of thinking and by choosing the most natural healthcare method.

Once you’ve figured out what’s needed to restore health, you may determine that you need professional help to achieve optimal results. That’s when it’s time to bring your body in for a diagnosis, tune-up and repair at your local holistic health practitioner.

Holistic health practitioners offer a total body approach to diagnosing and treating health issues. This can include running tests to determine if you have to many heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, mold or yeast, and a plan for detoxing. It’s wise to include an allergy screening for food allergies and sensitivities to address digestive issues. Vitamin and mineral screens can show where your body is lacking, and a dietary consultation can help you figure out how to get the nutrition you need with whole foods and supplements.

Knowledge about your health can be a very powerful tool. Don’t ignore the warning signals. Use them to empower yourself and take action to live your best each day.

Brenda Cobb is author of The Living Foods Lifestyle and founder of The Living Foods Institute, an educational center and therapy spa in Atlanta, offering healthy lifestyle courses on nutrition, cleansing, healing, anti-aging, detoxification, relaxation and cleansing therapies. For more information, call 404-524-4488 or 1-800-844-9876 and visit

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