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Mobile Thermographic Imaging

Mobile Thermographic Imaging (MTI) has more than 35 locations throughout metro Atlanta, offering non-invasive, painless and radiation-free early detection breast screening. MTI screens for precancerous states using temperature imaging that pinpoints variations and blood vessel alterations produced by early changes in tissue physiology.

Studies show high accuracy rates, minimal false positives and detection several years earlier than with traditional breast testing. Other research shows a 61 percent increased survival rate when thermography is added to a woman’s regular breast health checkup.

Many states have now passed laws requiring physicians to inform women if they have dense breast tissue, which makes reading mammograms (X-ray) difficult. Thermography is a highly effective way for women with dense or atypical tissue to stay on top of their body’s health and wellness, because the scans pinpoint problem areas before major issues arise.

The technicians at MTI offer a combined 22 years of experience, personal attention and a holistic, caring approach. During the month of October, MTI is offering a new client special with $25 off first scan and $25 off on a follow-up scan or friend’s scan.

For more information and a list of locations, call 678-688-8986 or visit

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