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Consciousness begins when the brain gains the power, the simple power, I might add, of telling a story. ~ Antonio Damasio, neuroscientist
To be human is to have a story, and the capacity to tell stories is one of humanity’s profound gifts. We all have stories that we tell, some that are brief and some that last a lifetime. We tell stories about health, work, families and relationships; about what we want and don’t want; about our skills and capabilities; about our successes and failures; about our dreams and aspirations.

We tell ourselves stories continually, and that’s natural. Studies show that the human brain is actually wired to remember stories. They provide structure and meaning to our lives. We use them to organize divergent experiences into a coherent thread; to make sense of chaos; navigate life’s challenges and opportunities, and interpret life goals and skills.

We also use stories as a powerful means of sharing our life experiences. By sharing life stories, we can help people understand each other better, connecting people together in building community and a sense of belonging around common themes, as well as bridging our differences. We can use stories to inspire and uplift, to educate and entertain, and to preserve our own culture and values.

So, if you’re willing to share your story, we’d like to hear it. In particular, we’d like to hear your stories of success, redemption and miracles. We’re compiling a book of uplifting and life transforming stories about people who have figured out how to overcome life’s obstacles and challenges to achieve a life dream. If you’d like to share yours, please email it to [email protected].

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