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A Clean Slate for 2015

The new year is here, and it’s time to take stock of the things in your life that belong to the past with no place in your future. Start with physical possessions; take a look at your closets, your drawers and your cabinets, and be ruthless in getting rid of those items which are just hanging around taking up space.

If it’s not beautiful or functional, get rid of it. If you haven’t worn it or used it in two years, let it go. Call a local charity to pick up boxes or bags of your junk that will be someone else’s treasure. Getting rid of unused items will help you feel lighter and more accomplished, and ready to take on the greater task of getting your body cleaned out and ready for a new year.

Start with taking stock of how you’ve been feeling lately. Are you more sluggish or slower on the uptake than you’d like to be? Are you forgetful or often tired? These symptoms may be signs of too much toxicity in your body, caused by both external and internal factors.

There are many things that contribute to toxicity in the body. One is negative thoughts and emotions. These can come from unhappiness at home or at work. Are you happy with your job and your relationships? If not, then what can you do about it? Look at new ways to solve your problems and forgive the people that you know you need to forgive. If you’re in a job that you hate, get out and find a job you can truly love. Life is short, and spending long hours working at a job that makes you unhappy is a huge waste of time.

Another source of toxins is unhealthy food. Non-organic foods contain pesticides and other chemicals, while processed foods have preservatives and additives that can cause a whole boatload of health problems. Commit to eliminating or greatly cutting back on these products.

Take a look at your skin. Is it glowing and radiant or dull and splotchy? Unhealthy looking skin can be caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency. What about your eyes? Do you have dark circles and puffiness? This is a sign that your kidneys and liver are toxic.

The new year is a great time to detoxify the body so you can start fresh with a clean slate. A good detoxification program is one that not only gets the toxins out, but also builds the body up. If you are ready to be the best you can be, take the time now to clean out your home, your life and your body. You’ll feel better, look better and be better.

Energy Soup

There are many recipes and foods that work remarkably well to detoxify and rebuild, including this one. Prepare this nutritious powerhouse and in just 10 days you will see and feel the difference.

4-6 cups water 1 Tbsp. dulse flakes or kelp powder (seaweed) ½ apple, seeds removed ½ cup sprouted lentils beans ½ cup sprouted mung beans 1 handful buckwheat lettuce sprouts 1 handful sunflower sprouts ½ ripe avocado 4-6 cups spring mix baby greens or kale

Put all the ingredients in the Vita-Mix and blend completely until creamy and smooth. Add more water if you prefer a thinner consistency.

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