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Calcium and Vitamin D May Help Prevent Dental Caries

A study from Argentina’s Buenos Aires University has linked dental caries to low levels of calcium and vitamin D. Dental status and caries risk were assessed by determining the number of decayed, missing and filled teeth, the amount of plaque, and the sugar intake of 106 women of the average age of 24.

Calcium levels were deficient among nearly 60 percent of the women, 70 percent had low blood levels of vitamin D, 72 percent consumed soft drinks daily and all of them presented gingivitis (gum disease). The third with the highest caries scores and decayed or missing teeth had significantly lower calcium intake and vitamin D levels and significantly higher intake of protein and soft drinks, plus significantly higher plaque and sugar intake compared with the rest of the women.

The researchers concluded that low calcium intake is associated with a high risk of dental caries and a greater severity of oral disease. “Adequate nutritional status of calcium and vitamin D could be an additional factor that may help preserve good oral health,” they state.

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