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Taoist Healing Seminar at Cobb Galleria

Wu Dang Tao hosts a seminar led by Taoist Master and Healer Yun Xiang Tseng (aka Chen) from October 22 to 25 at the Cobb Galleria. The seminar will teach meditation, qigong and tai chi forms for both experienced and beginning students. Participants will be trained in ways to strengthen the immune system, increase coordination and flexibility and improve memory, concentration, circulation, strength, balance and endurance. Advanced studies open only to students with previous Tai Chi experience include a Wu Dang Tai Chi 13 focus group and the Wu Dang Tai Chi Sword form workshop.

Chosen at a young age to train at the Wu Dang Mountain, made famous in the film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Chen carries on a tradition of healing more than 700 years old. He is known for his profound knowledge of the Wu Dang Taoist traditions and his ability to engage students with depth and humor.

Location: Cobb Galleria Centre, 2 Galleria Pkwy., Atlanta. For more information, call 404-264-0025, email [email protected] or visit

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