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Mindfulness for Kids at Marietta Yoga

Melanie Sharp, a retired elementary education teacher and current children’s yoga instructor (RYT), will share the philosophy and techniques of mindfulness with an emphasis on helping parents and teachers who work with children in a workshop from 1 to 3 p.m., March 19.

Sharp says, “Mindfulness is not just for yoga class. It’s becoming the buzzword as we discover the benefits of mindfulness in classrooms, corporations, and in our everyday lives. Mindfulness is a purposeful way of tuning in to what’s happening in and around us that can greatly enhance the health, well being and academic success of our children.”

Topics include an overview of mindfulness; how our brains work in relation to mindfulness and stress; tips on how to become more mindful working with children ; participation in some mindfulness activities to share with children; information and statistics about the success of mindfulness in helping children learn to concentrate better, calm themselves when necessary, tune into their own bodies, focus, self-regulate and live happier, healthier lives; and a list of books and resources. Cost is $35, payable to Melanie Sharp, and includes a light snack and handout with workshop information and resources. To register, call Sharp at 404-217-6428 or email [email protected].

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