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A True Life Story of Psychic Survival

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ebra Roinestad has written a new book, Protected by the Light: A Spiritual Memoir. Roinestad says she always had an intuition about her life; a small voice that protected her and kept her as safe as possible, but it wasn’t until a near-death experience that she understood the importance of her spirit guide’s voice.

Over time, Roinestad suffered violent tremors, during which new memories came to her in flashes: physical and emotional abuse by her family, being drugged into submission when her cries were too loud, pain and light. Roinestad learned she had dissociative amnesia, a condition she went through as a young girl, retreating into a safe place in her mind and forgetting about what was happening to her, only to have the memories come crashing back later in life.

Protected by the Light is Roinestad’s story of pain, but it is also her story of survival, and of finding the light—a light she hopes will one day lead each of us to find peace.

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