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Flower Essences for Mental and Emotional Health

Flowers are simple, yet amazing living creations in our lives. They are used for gifts, celebrations, decorations, landscaping and now more than ever for healing. Flowers have benefited our health for thousands of years. Native Americans made remedies from flowers for different ailments, as did the Australian Aborigines and many other cultures.

The simplest form of remedy is made by using flowers as a tea or flower essence. While teas offer benefits primarily on the physical level, flower essences are most beneficial on the mental and emotional level. They can even help us spiritually to reconnect with or strengthen our true, original and highest self. The healing can be mild or very profound.

One of the first and best-known healers to use flower essences was the Englishman Dr. Edward Bach, who started his work in the early 1900s. He searched out natural and holistic methods of treatment which included flower essences that led to his creation of the Bach Flower Essences Company in the 1930s. His essences expanded to 38 remedies from some of the most common flowers and plants known today ( His most important books are Heal Thyself and The Twelve

Healers. Other pioneers using energetic principles in healing include Hippocrates, Samuel Hahnemann and Andre Simoneton. Bach saw that emotional balance strengthens the body’s ability to resist disease, and he used flower essences as a healing tool to assist in that balance. Dr. Richard Gerber, author of Vibrational Medicine, states that modern science is also beginning to see the connection between negative emotions and lower resistance to disease. He states that the flower essences flow through the physical body to the energy systems such as meridians and chakras to reach the subtle bodies that produces the highest level of healing.

Naturopathic physician Linda Page states in her book Healthy Healing, “Flower essences are a part of an emerging field of life-enhancing therapies that work to address emotional health and mind-body well-being through human energy fields. Although new to America’s complementary medicine repertoire, the art of flower essence healing strikes a chord in almost every healing discipline: medical and naturopathic health practice, homeopathy, massage therapy, chiropractic, psychotherapy through guided imagery, even dentistry and veterinary work.” The fields of nursing, counseling and social work have also expanded to use flower essences.

In contemplating our own health, it is important to become aware of what affects our emotions and mental well-being. We can choose to watch and listen to things that bring about positive emotions and feelings and we can choose to say and read positive words. Our subconscious mind is influenced and imprinted by what we listen to, what we watch, what we feel and what we read. Society is starting to recognize the potential harm that the negative words, pictures and videos can have on an individual. This is an important topic for evaluation, because the media and entertainment industry have a large influence on our emotional, mental and subconscious health.

The flower essences can help clear out or shift the lower and negative vibrations (energy) of the conscious and subconscious to new, higher and more positive vibrations. This is based on the theory that our thoughts, memory, feelings and words are all made of energy.

Other flower essence companies have emerged in recent decades, such as the Flower Essence Society (, ShantiKai ( and others. ShantiKai offers vibrational healing products and services for people and animals. The essences are some of the purest and highest quality for the shift to higher consciousness and healing because they created from the highly energized area of the Hawaii islands.

Dr. Norman Shealy states in The Complete Family Guide to Alternative Medicine, “The growth and popularity of flower essences can also be associated with the fact that flower remedies are suitable for people and animals of all ages, and there are no contraindications known.” Flower essences are used by many health practitioners and are now recognized in many fields of practice and by the general public as a gentle and inexpensive method for health and life enhancement.

Bach’s vision was that flower remedies would be used not only by physicians and lay practitioners, but also at home to release the healing energies of the flowers from their material state and transfer them to individuals for harmonizing and healing. There can be no over-dosage, side-effects or incompatibility with other methods of treatment. To use them successfully requires no training in medicine or psychology; only perception, the ability to think and appreciate and a natural sensitivity.

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