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A Unique Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner Program

The nonprofit International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA), based in Atlanta, has created a gold standard program for becoming a certified sound therapy practitioner that begins in February. This new, affordable, complementary health field offers an exciting opportunity for helping others by choosing it as a career path or an additional modality for a current practice or integrative office.

It is known that the power of sound has been used since ancient times for assisting healing and enhancing health. This educational program will advance the power of sound wisdom to reach and help more people and create individuals that can offer sound therapy to meet the growing need for therapeutic sound work in medical settings, nursing homes, corporate wellness programs, integrative health offices, cancer centers, counseling centers, sports programs and more. Creating a private practice offering sound therapy is another option that is covered in detail. Patients love the pain relief, stress reduction and positive feelings of relaxation that therapeutic sounds provide.

The 400-hour gold standard program is a thorough curriculum designed to provide students with the knowledge, practical skills and support necessary to succeed in the field of sound therapeutics. Students will complete three levels over two years, with weekend on-site class study, webinars, conference calls, practical application sessions and research. The skills-based curriculum provides the fundamental principles of sound and its effects physiologically and neurologically on the human organism.

This empowering program allows students to grow their knowledge and skills, prepare for sound practitioner certification and to deeply understand and receive all of the health benefits that sound therapy has to offer.

In working with the voice, crystal bowls, tuning forks and other advanced sound technology, pupils will awaken to new potential. The program was created to accommodate almost anyone, even those with a part-time or full-time working schedule anywhere in the country.

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Sara Light is a freelance writer and business promotion consultant in Atlanta. She can be reached at [email protected].

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