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Ladybug Farms’ Small Farmer Wins Big Prize

Terri Jagger Blincoe was recently awarded a big gift in a relatively tiny package. Blincoe, owner of Ladybug Farms, in Clayton, won a 175-square-foot tiny home built by University of Georgia students in the UGA Green Building and Tiny House Movement class. The home includes amenities such as IKEA cabinets, granite countertops and a composting toilet.

“They did it top of the line,” says Blincoe. “It’s nicer than my cabin, to be honest.”

Blincoe, a self-described crazy lone farmer who has some labor help, raises organically grown vegetables for her 25-member community supported agriculture group. She also sells at Clayton farmers’ markets and local restaurants. One of her latest accomplishments is becoming a certified organic hay producer.

The farmer of nine years entered the UGA and Georgia Organics contest for the tiny home, telling organizers that not only would the house help provide shelter for farm hands and visiting agriculture students, but it would help her expand her dream of agricultural tourism, or as she puts it “farm camp for adults.”

Blincoe said she has slept in the home, but at the time of this writing the toilet was not running nor was the home ready for guests. Blincoe said the tiny home should be up and fully operational by late summer or early fall.

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