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Support Group Reaches Out to Men

Brothers of the Heart, an all-male support group, is open to new members.

The group of seven meets twice a month to listen without judgement, to support and hold each other accountable, and to raise consciousness. Brothers of the Heart has been meeting for nearly 15 years in various locations, and is held currently at The Heron House, in Mountain Park.

“It is a very tight knit group and we look for accountability,” says co-facilitator Lester Herbertson. “If someone joins, we’d like them to be there on a regular basis.”

Herbertson said the men’s meeting usually starts with a poem or music to help transition from the outside world. This prompt, chosen by the rotating facilitator, is usually followed by a light meditation, a member check-in, and a topic of discussion and thought. The goal is to not fix anything or anyone, Herbertson says, but to support members, hold them accountable and generate growth and learning.

“It’s about finding your own answers,” says Herbertson. “In that process most of us really find thoughts that we wouldn’t find any other places. Things come and things float into the mind from the collective. Often times there’s great healing in just putting it out there.”

Anyone interested in joining the group may contact [email protected]. For information on The Heron House, visit

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