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Spiritual Economics, The Principles and Process of True Prosperity by Eric Butterworth

If you’ve ever felt like some of the pieces of the prosperity puzzle were missing, pick up a copy of the nonfiction gem Spiritual Economics, The Principles and Process of True Prosperity, by Eric Butterworth, a 20th-century philosopher, Unity minister and radio personality.

Although “God,” “Jesus” and “Source” are peppered into the text, the only true conversion this author appears to be after is expansion of each reader’s understanding of how prosperity unfolds. Whichever lens you apply when reading this book—your own brand of spirituality, formalized religious beliefs, agnosticism or atheism— there are valuable insights to be mined.

What the author deems spiritual may seem practical to you. What the author deems common sense may seem religious to you. Sifting through takes minimal effort, and the rewards are many. You will be shown how to tackle numerous aspects of prosperity in a completely new way: one person at a time, starting with you.

Highlights from the book are paraphrased below. They illustrate some of the finer points of achieving true prosperity:

  • Make health and wellbeing part of your prosperity goals. Prosperity is from the Latin root, “according to hope.”
  • Your potential for prosperity is not only influenced by external factors. You can experience financial difficulties when business is booming, and you can be prosperous when business is poor.
  • When you believe in luck, you leave yourself open to experiencing either kind.
  • How you feel about money matters. Money is called currency. There is energy in it. If you are feeling poor, your feeling is the consciousness you will perpetuate.
  • We all play a part in the collective consciousness that cures (or causes) economic difficulties. Sharing negativity adds to the weakening of the economy and world relations.
  • Create a standard for living, not a standard of living. True success is not “getting there”—it’s earning the right in consciousness to be there.
  • Do you have faith in yourself, and in the people of our country? Faith is expectancy. You will always receive what you actually expect, not what you think is deserved or hoped for.
  • Is working to make a living the only reason you can come up with for working? Change jobs, or change your attitudes about the one you have.
  • Are you withholding your best work? You could be limiting your own opportunities to expand and grow.
If your idea of prosperity includes more money for a better quality of life; if you want to leave the job or career you’ve got and wonder why that creates anxiety; or if you want to contribute to a stronger economy and peaceful relationships among nations, read Spiritual Economics.
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