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Tunisia Ali, Butterfly Transformation, Butterfly Transformations Connect People to Who They Really Are

Tunisia Ali is undergoing yet another phase of professional transformation.

The reiki master has been cultivating her practice on a part-time basis for the last two years, and recently closed Hidaya Academy, the school she founded 14 years ago. She now devotes full-time effort to her new practice, Butterfly Transformations.

Indeed, Butterfly Transformations is itself an evolution from her initial practice, Hidayah Reiki. Since Ali first trained in reiki, she has picked up a life coach certification from the CaPP Institute, so the array of services she offers has broadened.

“Butterfly Transformations is about connecting people to a vision of who they truly are, and unleashing their potential,” says Ali, a South Carolina native with a Masters in Education from Mercer University. “[It’s about] helping people understand that when they’re stuck in life, or they’re not experiencing the level of passion they desire, or feeling various levels of stagnation, or powerlessness, that there are so many avenues to bring life force energy back into their lives and catalyze the kind of change that they want.”

Ali offers private and personalized services, workshops and retreats. Her Personal Effectiveness Bootcamp packages all her talent and skills into a series of seven workshops that include strategies and tools, and results in a plan for personal development. The next bootcamp, which can be attended in person or remotely, starts on October 22.

And shortly after that, Ali leads her third women’s retreat, this time in Sedona, Arizona from November 2 - 6. While promoted as a meditative yoga and reiki retreat, Ali raises the bar on previous retreats by adding life coaching and mental health sessions.

Ali describes the heart of her work as getting clients unstuck.

“I see that many of the ways that we’re not able to self-actualize related to our belief systems,” she says. “A lot of what I find myself doing is helping people identify what thoughts they have in place that are affirming their reality on a day-to-day basis, and to identify what is problematic about the particular perception that they have so then we can go in and we can explore options and clarify some of the choices that they have.”

Many of those who call Ali for help and support do so when they’re experiencing a spiritual breakthrough and want to release paradigms that no longer work for them. She offers an interesting observation about the nature of these breakthroughs.

“When people start moving away from the concept of God as an entity external to themselves, but something within themselves, they begin to see the possibility of co-creation,” says Ali. “This realization, as empowering as it is, does bring with it a lot of turmoil because it requires we adapt to a new paradigm. People often need help with this shift in consciousness and with the spiritual principles required to embrace living as a co-creator.”

For Ali, dealing with the spiritual component is the foundation of progress because “until you address what is going on in the unseen realm, you’re not going to be able to excavate what’s going on.”

And it’s easy for her to work with people of many faiths because “the majority of people believe in a God presence or a God energy. It doesn’t matter what you call it as long as I’m not negating their belief systems. I find it very easy to integrate spirituality with whatever packaging someone comes in with because ultimately they believe in something greater than themselves, and we’re all tapped into that spiritual web.”

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