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JOYVIAL offers personal health coaching

A former hotel industry executive recently launched a concierge health-coaching service in Atlanta. Hanni Berger worked with InterContinental Hotels Group in her native Austria and then at the corporate offices in Atlanta before leaving her position as director, Holiday Inn Vacations, to found the health-coaching collective JOYVIAL. Berger, also CEO of JOYVIAL (a play on “jovial”), says she has cultivated a small but specialized team of health coaches to help clients take control of their wellness. “The conversation is not really the coach talking the whole time. A coach does a lot of listening,” says Berger. “At the end of the session, the client is fully in charge of things, of saying ‘I will do this’ and ‘I will commit to this.’ That creates a real strength in their abilities.” JOYVIAL offers coaching services in a six-month personal-nutrition program or three-month general-wellness program. Services are provided in person or through video or phone calls. Berger believes her 20-year career in a result-driven industry, coupled with her education as an integrative health coach, has positioned her to meet the needs of those struggling to find health in a busy world. “Let’s say someone’s breakfast today consists of two donuts and three cups of coffee (far from optimal),” writes Berger. “A big first step for them might be to have a glass of water first, one donut, one banana and two cups of coffee. Every step counts, as even small steps add up over time and will lead to an amazing transformation.”

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