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Gift Guide: 'Tis the Season for Conscious Giving

Dec 04, 2017 10:00PM ● By Sarah Buehrle
Giving is a ceremony. It involves opening up emotionally and mentally, then meditating on

another person and exchanging energy. According to the report “Prosocial Spending and Happiness: Using Money to Benefit Others Pays Off,” by Eliza- beth W. Dunn, Lara B. Aknin and Michael I. Norton, giving has observable benefits, both physical and mental, for everyone from toddlers to adults. Those who give to others are happier, according to the report.

Natural Awakenings has elicited the help of some local retail experts for those who take the giving ritual to heart. Three metaphysical stores, Hoot Owl Attic Metaphysical Bookstore, The Open Mind Center and Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore, offered their top gift ideas. Ranging from wellness to whimsy, the list offers a variety of alternative giving ideas.

Blessing Gifts

African Blessing Basket – $72 Intricately woven by craftswomen in Rwanda using timeless techniques to weave dyed sisal fibers and sweet grass, these baskets are one-of-a-kind pieces rich in cultural meaning and purpose. This flower design echoes the bold and striking colors of flowers found so abun-dantly throughout Rwanda. The flower symbolizes joy, magnificence and the beauty found in paradise. Available at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore.


Tree of Gratitude by Kitras Art Glass – $44 Canadian handcrafted blown glass Trees of Life spheres express many blessings — gratitude, creativity, happiness, family, mindfulness or peace — to help celebrate the many pathways of life. Available at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore.



Sun Goddess Necklace by Bitter Beauty Designs – $68 Art Deco inspired and handcrafted with vintage beads and findings by Phoenix & Dragon jewelry buyer Victoria Clarke, the Sun Goddess bestows the blessing of brilliance, bringing a warm glow to any festive holiday outfit. Available at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore.



Gifts of Energy

Chakra Singing Bowl – $72 Celebrate the season of joy with one of seven chakra-tuned singing bowls. This blue fifth-chakra bowl energizes the throat chakra. Pick a chakra or start a collection of the whole set to support the flow and balance of energy. Available at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore.



Braintap – $425 Braintap counters holiday blues and exhaustion. Twenty minutes is reported to be worth a full night’s sleep. Subliminal voice-over suggestions and binaural beats with lights and music help to over- come stress eating, conquer a bad habit, instill a positive mindset, advance in career, master a sport, enhance learning, get fit or regain health and vitality. Purchase includes 700 programs to choose from, 10 to keep. Available at Hoot Owl Attic Metaphysical Bookstore.


Amethyst Geode Sculpture – $260 This deep purple Brazilian amethyst druze geode creates a striking sculpture nestled in its handcrafted wrought iron stand. Amethyst embodies ancient traditions of home blessing, healing and spiritual energy. Available at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore.



Intention Bracelets – $65 Mixing semi-precious stones, glass, copper and silver, these beautiful bracelets are custom made to help focus on intent. Pictured here is the money bracelet. Each is unique with more than a dozen intentions to choose from. Available at Hoot Owl Attic Metaphysical Bookstore.



Orgonite Sacred Geometry Pyramid – $220 This brilliantly clear orgonite pyramid is enhanced by sacred geometry grids featuring the energy of amethyst and quartz. Available at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore.



Selenite Tower Lamps – $70 to $120 Selenite is named after the Greek goddess Selene, the goddess of the moon. The white-colored stone stands for mental clarity. Selenite is a very sensitive stone that acts just like a liquid light shining from this world to the angelic realm. Available at Hoot Owl Attic Metaphysical Bookstore and The Open Mind Center.



Gemstone Malas and Bracelets – $7 to $35 Malas are strings of beads used in prayer and meditation. Gemstone mala bracelets comprise various gemstones whose energetic properties enhance and enrich the intention of wearing them, whether for daily life or meditation. Other bracelets, also made of gemstone beads or of copper, make for classic, fashionable looks. Available at The Open Mind Center.



Smudge Fans – Fans Start at $68, Abalone Shells $8.95 These unique handmade fans are a beautiful addition to any ritual using sage, Paolo Santo or other smudge. Add an abalone shell for a unique gift that will be used and treasured. Available at Hoot Owl Attic Metaphysical Bookstore.



Various Crystals – Prices Range More than 100 crystals are available, in all shapes and sizes. Some are tumbled and smooth, others are crystal-line and textured. At The Open Mind Center, each crystal comes with a descriptive card, detailing its individual energetic properties. Available at Hoot Owl Attic Metaphysical Bookstore, The Open Mind Center, and Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore.

Various Candles – Prices Range Candles can enhance and illuminate our lives in ways beyond providing light. Differently colored candles correspond to different energies such as protection, love, money, etc. From votives to pillars, there are all kinds of candles for all kinds of needs. Available at Hoot Owl Attic Metaphysical Bookstore, The Open Mind Center and Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore.

Magical Whimsy

Critter Socks – $8.95 These whimsical socks, folded just right, can create a menagerie in your sock drawer. Unfold them and wear them for playful delight. One size fits most. Available at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore.



Autumn Teacup Fairy – $38 Invite a fairy to tea this holiday season. They are known to fancy spiced tea and crumpets, and will bring a smile to children and the young at heart. Available at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore.



Jelly Cat Unicorn – $20 This unicorn is part of the Phoenix & Dragon children’s section. Jelly Cat features a collection of creatures silky-soft and cuddly. Available at Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore.



Relaxation Gifts

Gift Basket – Contents start at $2.95 each Collect a personalized assortment of candles, incense and therapeutic-grade organic oils. Staff will provide the basket, ribbon and excelsior. Throw in a few tumbled stones or a Tarot or Oracle deck for good measure. Available at Hoot Owl Attic Meta-physical Bookstore.



Backflow Incense and Burners – $14 to $50 Experience incense in an entirely new way with backflow incense and back-flow incense burners. When backflow incense is lit and placed in one of these ceramic burners, the smoke will create a dry-ice effect as it flows down through the channels like smoky water. Available at The Open Mind Center.



Health and Wellness

Himalayan Salt Lamp – $23 to $60 Salt in the air has long been seen as a health booster, and sea air has been proven to help clear the airways. In the 19th century, Polish salt miners (working in the same mines that now produce “Himalayan” salt) were known to have fewer pulmonary health problems than the general population. Available at Hoot Owl Attic Metaphysical Bookstore, The Open Mind Center and Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore.



Ultrasonic Diffuser – $39.95 Using this sleek diffuser is a great way to disperse your essential oil or blend. An ultrasonic transducer transforms water and essential oils into a cool mist that preserves the oils’ health benefits and humidifies the room. AC/DC unit provides optional rotating or freeze color lighting options. Available at Hoot Owl Attic Metaphysical Bookstore.



VitaJuwel Water Bottles – $60 to $350 These premium glass water bottles contain removable “gem pods” manufactured by hand in Austria. Each is filled with various gemstones; water poured into the bottle is infused with these crystals, which have various energetic properties. Every bottle offers a different, renewing aspect, such as balance, beauty, Cupid’s kiss and more. Available at The Open Mind Center and Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore.


Wellness Services – $45 to $150 The Open Mind Center offers a variety of classes and wellness services that help to relax, revitalize and heal emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies. Choose from among soul-coaching sessions, various massage therapies, energy healing, intuitive readings, yoga classes, meditation classes and life-enhancing workshops covering a variety of wellness, self-development and spiritual topics.

For more information visit: Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore,, 5531 Roswell Road NE, Sandy Springs, 404-255-5207; Hoot Owl Attic Metaphysical Bookstore,, 8800 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, 770-807-8080; and The Open Mind Center,, 1575 Old Alabama Rd., Suite 213, Roswell, 678-243-5074.


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