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Qi Revolution Energizes Atlanta

Internationally Known Practitioner Returns

by Sarah Buehrle

Jeff Primack has brought qigong from the esoteric realm to the accessible world.

Primack is founder of the Supreme Science Qigong Center and creator of, and instructor at Qi Revolution, a conference he hosts all over the United States teaching his system of qigong, breathing exercises and food science. He’s brought Qi Revolution annually to Atlanta since 2006, and will be back in town February 10 to 12 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

“Atlanta has always been a really responsive area for us. Between 300 and 500 people will be doing qigong under one roof, moving and breathing and practicing together, and that’s a powerful thing,” Primack said in a phone interview from Hawaii. “I think a lot of people, they show up because they know the energy’s going to be there.”

Primack explained that qigong is controlled breathing along with slow, repetitive tai chi-like movements that help people unlock and build qi, or life force, within themselves, to promote health and energy. He said that by the end of the conference, attendees will have some knowledge to create and maintain good health.

“We start out with a presentation about what qiqong is, most people don’t know what it is,” says Primack. “Then we’re doing qigong, standing style, Empty Force. It’s one of the most powerful kinds of qigong that I’ve ever learned. There’s this energy field— it’s a magnetic energy field, and you feel it. They come in pain and before lunch they don’t have as much pain, and some people, they have no pain.”

James Quail, an independent massage therapist and energy worker, went to see Primack’s Qi Revolution in Atlanta in 2009 knowing nothing about it.

“It was the most eye-opening experience. It was real,” Quail said. “I really respect Jeff. Nobody would have known much about qigong unless they did historical research, but a whole bunch of people go ‘Oh well for 99 bucks . . .’”

Prices may have gone up since 2009, but Atlanta attendees will experience three days of Qi Revolution at February’s conference for $149. U.S. military veterans can attend for free.

A week after Quail attended the 2009 Qi Revolution, he attended a Supreme Science Qigong Center certification program, and over the next several months earned the level 2 and level 3 certifications. He began presenting with Primack and Qi Revolution.

“That has probably been one of the most stabilizing things I’ve gotten into or been involved with, and it’s really been nice to pass it off and hand it to other people,” Quail said of practicing qigong and Qi Revolution. “The whole room seems to move at the same motion. There’ll be this power in the room; everyone just locks into their space. It’s even peaceful to talk about, and once experienced it can be brought back at any time.”

Tina Rubke, a Brookhaven licensed massage therapist, said she went to her first Qi Revolution seminar several years ago because it offered lower-than-average-cost continuing education credits for her profession. She went back a second time because there was more to the accessibility than price.

“It’s also an amazing class, and that was what got me to go back the second time. It’s really fun,” Rubke said. “One of the things Jeff does that I think is really good, he helps those less fit people to feel comfortable to be there and still do it. There’s people in the back row in chairs. It’s an all-abilities class. He’ll show alternatives to moves.”

Qi Revolution also includes Primack’s research into food healing, which he conducts in consultation with Dr. Claudia Gabrielle. Much of that research has been published in Primack’s book Conquering Any Disease. The book focuses on foods that are specific to healing, such as kiwi for aiding asthma and okra for helping with heart disease. Primack has created a recipe for red pepper paste that is a concentrated form of phytochemicals, and he has started giving out samples to Qi Revolution attendees.

“The main thing that is new, always new with every year and that’s why we get a lot of people who come every year, is that the food-healing science that we share is pretty ground-breaking. And now we talk about oxidation and cholesterol, oxidation and heart disease and cancer, foods for cancer, and food for diabetes. We back it with science,” Primack said. “We’ve always talked about those things, but I’m always learning new things.”

Rubke bought Primack’s food blender at one of the Qi Revolution conferences, and she took Primack’s advice about using avocado pits in smoothies. She also practices his breath work when she’s angry or stressed. Primack wants readers to try Qi Revolution in Atlanta next month.

“I know everybody’s busy right now and it’s gonna be 2018; everybody’s going to go full speed with their goals and aspirations, and I would say, ‘Breathe, breathe deeper than you’ve ever breathed, get training and become healthier so that you have more energy to make more money and you don’t just go forward with no chi in your hands,” Primack said. “Get real energy going into the New Year.”


Jeff Primack’s weekend workshop in Atlanta will be February 10-12.

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