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Partner Yoga Encourages HEALTHY TOUCH

by Graham Fowler

Science has revealed a countermeasure to stress-induced depression and anxiety.

Instead of the normally long list of side effects and contraindications, it comes with a long list of documented side benefits. It’s not a drug, or a new form of psychotherapy. It’s a promising adjunct to pursuing one’s goals, requires no prescription, and is readily available.

What is it? Human touch. In a fast-paced, hi-tech world, physical contact is rarely on the to-do list. Yet we crave it and need it as much as ever before.

Psychology Today reported in March 2015 that there is a strong correlation between physical touch and well-being, healthy bodies, minds and relationships. It enhances every aspect of human life.

Fear says, Give me symbols. Give me frozen images. Give me something I can rely on. Loving Truth says, “Only give me this moment.” Fear says, “I want to keep you safe.” Love says, “You are safe.” ~Emmanuel’s Book 2: The Search for Love, by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton.
The very fact that touch is not encouraged socially has placed it in our collective shadow. Suppression of healthy touch can lead to dysfunction, disease and inappropriate behavior.

Partner yoga is a conscious and healthy way to receive and give the benefits of touch while expanding the practice of asana into new dimensions, whether briefly done as part of a yoga class or at home with one’s significant other.

The Yoga Sutras state that when the mind has settled in the state of yoga, we are established in our true nature, unbounded consciousness. To explore that unboundedness with a friend or loved one is to mutually deepen relationships and intimacy with oneself and with the other.

Partner yoga requires deep presence to each other in a spirit of cooperation. Partners mirror each other. Working together in this way builds trust, improves communication, and can enhance all kinds of relationships, whether friends, lovers or colleagues.

One of the most valuable gifts one can give is the gift of presence. Partner yoga is deep presence, mutually exchanged. That presence can reveal insights about self, partner, relationship between the two, and how one shows up in the world.

There is no limit to the wonders that can unfold as we awaken to our true nature, opening our hearts, senses and awareness to each other.


Contact Graham Fowler, founder of Peachtree Yoga, at [email protected]

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