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‘WE NEED MORE LIGHT’ Meditation Heals from the Outside In

Feb 01, 2018 12:00AM ● By Sarah Buehrle
by Sarah Buehrle

Local meditators say focusing their energy on healing others brings life-changing results to the practitioners themselves.

Karen Tedeschi, doctor of chiropractic medicine and owner of the Tedeschi Wellness Center, leads a Tuesday Twin Hearts Meditation group that she started facilitating in October. She took basic and intermediate weekend Twin Hearts meditation workshops to learn the process.

In Twin Hearts meditation, practitioners open up their heart and crown chakras, Tedeschi said, and focus on blessing the planet or specific groups.

“In the meditation, we visualize the earth in the center of the room about the size of a basketball,” says Tedeschi. “We focus our energy of connecting. We open up the heart centers and we allow the energy to come through us, from the universe out through our hands and onto the planet.”

Tedeschi’s group meets at The Center For Love and Light in Atlanta.  She says the meditation is short, about 25 minutes, and with warm-up exercises and discussion the whole session lasts about an hour. Tedeschi said Twin Hearts Meditation has healed people physically, mentally and emotionally. For her, it is a recharging experience.

“Sometimes if I’m feeling super tired and I do this meditation, I will feel refreshed after,” she says. “There’s definitely a sense of relaxation and stress reduction, whether I feel that emotionally or physically.”

Tedeschi characterized Twin Hearts Meditation as true service, because there is no credit given or taken for the effort. She says people are changed when they practice Twin Hearts, often handling negative situations with loving-kindness.

“In your heart, that’s where you start to tune in with what’s going on with you … and I think it makes you a better a person when you meditate, when you have a better connection. As you’re walking around, you’re sending out these signals anyway,” says Tedeschi “Just by that lightheartedness of that being, you could just cross the path of someone having a bad day, and you might never know, you might change their day in that moment.”

Meditation on Twin Hearts, according to practitioner Judy Yi, is the cornerstone of pranic healing. Pranic healing is a nontouch energy work that uses a prana, or life force, to balance and heal body and mind.

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, the creator of modern pranic healing, also developed the Meditation on Twin Hearts.

“It means having your heart open, your personal aspect, and your divine aspect, your crown, and to have those activated so that we can get healed and we can have peace and have more light within us,” says Yi, founder of the Atlanta Pranic Healing Center (APHC). “The world is going through a lot of stress right now. We need more light in this world. And there’s always those saying that it takes one person, one person to change this world. We understand when you do it in a group, it’s energy compounded.”

Yi, who has been practicing since 2011, likened the experience to an “energy shower” that cleanses and heals the practitioner, even though the practitioners’ intent is to heal the earth. Her center organizes three meditations a week, held at various locations in Atlanta, including at her center.

“People are really hungry for peace, hungry for balance, and healing,” she says. “The people in ATL are ready to look at their stuff and do something about it.”

APHC held a New Year’s Eve meditation for 2017-18, which, says Yi, was attended by approximately 40 people who ate, mingled and meditated before, during and just after midnight.

“A handful of people said, ‘Judy, this was the best New Years I’ve ever spent in my life.’ When they said that I was so touched. It was such a beautiful event, that I thought was such a testament of where Atlanta was.

“The law of ‘as you give so shall you receive’ … what Master Choa, what he noticed, was when we give, then the blessings naturally come for the opportunity to receive,” says Yi.

Helping Humanity Evolve

Krista Peres has practiced a different type of meditation, Transmission Meditation, for 25 years.

She says Transmission Meditation is based on the fact that there is a spiritual hierarchy on the planet, and the leaders, called masters of wisdom, channel energy from the universe through practitioners to help humankind to evolve spiritually.

She says the universal energies being channeled by the masters are too powerful, and they would bounce off mankind without the practitioners as conduits. She says being a conduit for these energies changes a person for the better.

“You are also the beneficiary of some of the things these energies do for you,” Peres said. ‘If you stay with Transmission Meditation you’ll notice you’re able to detach from all your crazy emotions, your anger, your self-pity, your pride, and on and on it goes. You become more loving, and less self-centered, and more able to help humanity.”

Peres said that anyone could join a group, which generally has three or more people, for Transmission Meditation. The group says an invocation, and each member concentrates on their ajna chakra, the space between their eyes, which opens a channel between a person’s mind and soul. Groups do not direct the energies, says Peres, rather, they give their chakras for energy to flow through. Meditations can last anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours.

Practitioners do not need to collaborate with masters. Peres says their invocation acts as a bell, signaling to the masters that a group is ready to receive the energies that the master is channeling for a particular reason, such as avoiding or ending a war.

“If you are interested in helping the world,” Peres said, “there is really nothing better you can do to further that cause than doing Transmission Meditation.”

Motivation Behind the Meditation

Meditating or sending energy outward is not limited to a few groups in Atlanta, or even nationwide.

There are nearly 1,100 Kadampa Meditation Centers around the world, according to Kadampa Meditation Center Georgia teacher Bob Buchman. Many of these centers choose to regularly hold a meditation called Prayers for World Peace.

Atlanta’s center has been refurbishing a building in Inman Park, which is expected to open in March, so it has not held Prayers for World Peace sessions lately. Buchman presumes that when the new space is ready they will start up the sessions again, explaining why Kadampa Buddhists keep the tradition of praying to heal the world.

“Probably because we believe it’s really possible,” Buchman said, “and without inner peace, outer peace is not possible. So, it all starts with us.”


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