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Qi Revolution Energizes Atlanta

Jeff Primack is bringing the energy forces of Qi Revolution to Atlanta’s Georgia World Conference Center on February 10 to 12.

Primack says he has studied with 10 masters over 20 years to create his style of Qigong, a gentle exercise and breathing technique focusing on increasing and balancing a person’s life force for health. Primack cited Paul Dong as one of his greatest influences.

Primack also works with Dr. Claudia Gabrielle to study the health effects of foods and to create healing recipes, which include one of his most well known, a concentrated red pepper paste.

All combine to create the curriculum in Primack’s Qi Revolution workshop. “By the end of the three days, you’ve learned everything that you need to be healthy naturally,” Primack said in a December interview from Hawaii. Day 1 will focus on the Empty Force style of Qigong, food healing and Qigong Level-1 healing. Day 2 of the workshop will feature smoothies and red pepper paste, pressure points for pain relief and the 9-Breath Method for energy and stress relief. Day 3 will include human behavior, spine and foot alignment, and advanced 9-Breath Method.

Primack said “Breath Empowerment,” a guided breath session, is an important portion of the event. He said the practices are available online but there’s nothing like doing it in person.

“Usually people come out of that describing a blissful, euphoric, vibrational state,” Primack said. “I think the breath is just the incomparable, ultimate medicine.”


For tickets, which cost $149, visit

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