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KUNDALINI YOGA Teacher Training

Ana Brett and Ravi Singh—authors, practitioners and creators of videos about kundalini yoga— will host six weekends of teacher training in Asheville, North Carolina starting April 13-15.

Singh and Brett o er 200- and 300-level teacher trainings congruently one weekend a month through September at Asheville’s Long Time Sun Studio. Both certi cations are recognized by the Yoga Alliance, and each weekend is planned to contain 25 of the full 150 hours required for certi cation.

Singh will teach the class along with Long Time Sun sta . Brett will make appearances. Singh has 45 years of teaching experience, and along with Brett, has created more than 25 yoga videos, according to

“Traditionally, Kundalini Yoga was a very exclusive form of yoga, only taught to the most dedicated students,” writes Singh in a recent email. “Now it’s taught openly, because in the information age the concept of secret practices doesn’t y. Also, because we’re at a tipping point, environmentally, culturally and spiritually, something powerful and immediate is called for.”

The curriculum includes everything from taking students through prenatal sets to teaching senior yoga. Singh writes that Kundalini is now popular with the Hollywood set, naming Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake and Matthew McConaughey among its practitioners.

“One reason that Kundalini is so relevant is that it o ers many techniques that work on the spot. We like to say to people who are considering taking our class that if you can breathe, you can do it,” Singh writes. “Kundalini translates as the energy of our higher potential. When this energy (which is the energy of life itself) is owing optimally, then we’re ring on all cylinders, are able to express superabun- dant creativity and are generally lit up in everything we do and are.”

Sessions will be 75 percent experiential and 25 percent lecture. e 200-level course requires no prior teaching experience; 300-level students must have a 200-hour certi cation in some form of yoga, according to Long Time Sun owner Bob Bauer.

Cost for the certifications range, depending on time and method of payment, from $2,795 to $3,700. Payment plans and scholarships are available. For more information, or to register, call 828-712-8001.

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